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Rob visits Brookfield: Wed 30.01.13 #thearchers

The Archers Wednesday 30th January 2013
  • Ruth doesn’t like Rob
  • Helen agrees with Tom
  • Emma and Helen … best friends?
  • Rob makes disparaging remarks about Lynda
  • What’s so funny about Susan?
  • Pip’s creating trouble by not even being there

Ruth doesn’t like Rob

Rob is expected today at Brookfield. Ruth is not amused.

She really can’t work out why he wants to look round.

Sinister? Just interested? Trying to make friends? Trying to win them over?

[Ruth] “As long as it’s not a PR exercise. I’m not prepared to be soft soaped, David.”

David’s of the opinion that they should just be friendly.

He’s obviously in a good mood …

As Ruth shows Rob round, she can’t help making digs at him.

[Ruth] “Smaller, healthier herd producing good nutritious milk, and making a much better margin. It’s a system people like, that suits the countryside, makes the best of natural resources.”

[Rob] “It’s a good system, Ruth, but I hope you’ll allow that there’s room for us all.”

Ruth’s not convinced.

She’s also not very amused to hear Rob also used to work for a milk processing company in Canada. Though Rob reckons it was good experience:

[Rob] “Realised they weren’t all the devil incarnate.”

(by the by, I think Rob then slipped up when he told Ruth and David that he had to leave the family farm because it couldn’t pay … didn’t he say before it was because his brother took over the farm, so he had to leave?)

Rob offers to show David and Ruth round the Super Dairy when it’s up and running, but I doubt Ruth will take him up on it.

[Ruth] “Just don’t expect us to change our minds.”

When Rob leaves:

[David] “I didn’t see any horns.”

Actually, David though Rob was “a nice guy”.

[David] “I might not agree with him about the dairy, but he’s a proper farmer, you can tell.”

[Ruth] “If he was a proper farmer, he’d want to see his animals out in the fields.”

[David] “Ruth, we’re not going to change his mind, but we can disagree and still get on.”

[Ruth] “You’re such a politician.”

Helen agrees with Tom

[Helen] “One of us needs to think about the future, and as long as Tom isn’t neglecting the rest of the farm.”

Has Helen really thought this through?

Doe s she really think Tom will share with her, and Henry?

Though she is very surprised when Tony tells her Tom’s plans are for his (non-existent) children.

She didn’t think Brenda was keen to have kids.

Though Helen then mentioned that they need to get married first ... eh? How can she say that when she has a child, without being married, and even without a father?!? Odd.

Anyhoo … Helen reckons Tony doesn’t ever see that side of Tom. He’s too busy seeing Tom’s “ambitions” as “an attack”.

Emma and Helen … best friends?

Emma and Helen, Keira and Henry, are playing again.

(though seems Emma didn’t have enough money to get Emma in this time to the toddler group. Helen was shocked, and told her to wait for her to pay the £4 next time. Helen also paid for the sweets later on, though Emma was grateful)

Also, Emma is again haring her woes of having to live with her folks again.

[Emma] “Just reminded me at the end of the day we’re living in their house … I just feel like I’m a child again.”

Course, Helen more than understand. Though they both agree it’s great for the kids having their grandparents around, being with the grandparents 24/7 is a tad much for the parents.

I never thought I’d see the day – Emma Grundy and Helen Archer finding common ground, and seem to be enjoying sharing it.

Rob makes disparaging remarks about Lynda

[Rob] “Strange woman getting herself all worked up about badgers.”

[David] “Lynda’s all right.”

David Archer defending Lynda Snell … well, I never!

What’s so funny about Susan?

[Helen] “Your parents are great. Your mum’s hilarious.”

How so, Helen?

Pip’s creating trouble by not even being there

Seems Pip stayed over last night with Spencer.

[Ruth] “Is she spending anytime studying?”

Seems Pip also isn’t pulling her weight with the work round Brookfield.

[Ruth] “Here we are bragging about our perfect family farm, and Pip doesn’t seem to be the slightest bit interested … so what are you going to do about it?”

Oh ho!

The problem of Pip has been firmly laid at David’s feet.

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