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Susan’s feeling positive: 02.03.12 #thearchers

The Archers Wednesday 2nd  January 2013
  • Pip hasn’t broken any bones
  • Josh to be a banker?
  • Jack enjoyed his cake
  • Off to Whitby!
  • Jill’s in charge of Bob’s funeral
  • Ruth sets Ed onto Mike
  • Susan knows about Donna and Clive
  • “How much further?”
  • Happy days in the Carter household

Pip hasn’t broken any bones

While she’s on her skiing trip.

Well done Pip!

(Is Pip still with Spencer? He wasn’t mentioned during her holiday plans, though we haven’t actually heard from Pip direct in many a moon)

Josh to be a banker?

Hope not …

Seems he’s been researching to find the best interest rate for the money he’s been saving from his hen work.

[Ruth] “I don’t know where he’s got it from, but our Josh is turning into Mr Sensible!”

David reckons he’s been the influence on Josh when it comes to being sensible. Which Ruth scoffs at, but I reckon is true enough (if for “sensible” you read “dull and predictable … sorry David!)

Even Jill reckons she can see a good businessman in Josh. She reckons he doesn’t give up when he starts something, like her bees.


Another point to add to the future Brookfield inheritance row.

Jack enjoyed his cake

And was also happy to see Peggy, Jennifer and Alice yesterday.

That would have been a  marvellous anniversary present for Peggy.

Off to Whitby!

Lilian’s nagging Peggy to make sure she’s properly ready to leave Ambridge for a few days for Whitby.

[Peggy] “I’m perfectly capable of packing for a few days away Lilian!”

Quite! Peggy’s more than capable. She even made a list.

Jill calls round just as they’re about to head off. She didn’t even know about Whitby.

[Peggy] “It’s a sentimental journey.”

[Lilian] “She and my dad had a dirty weekend in 1943!”

[Peggy] “It wasn’t like that at all. We were engaged.”

Seems Jack (Archer, not Woolley) was in the army, and neither of them could wait to get married. So, in Whitby, they decided to get married during his next leave.

That certainly is romantic.

Jill’s in charge of Bob’s funeral

Seems Bob asked her (told her?) to do so in a letter, along with clearing his house. He was very organised – even had the funeral already paid for.

[Peggy] “The village won’t be the same without him.”

Ruth sets Ed onto Mike

Ruth sorts out Ed, showing Ed the finance software he should be using for his business.

[Ed] “It certainly makes things seem more manageable, in tidy columns on the screen.”

Ruth also thinks that if Ed was getting a better price for his milk from Mike, Ed would be in far better shape. Even just a  penny more could make the difference.

[Ruth] “You’ve got the makings of a sound little business here.”

BUT Ed has to get more for his milk, and get his costs down.

Great news for Ed, but not necessarily good news for Mike …

Susan knows about Donna and Clive

Still worried about why Clive was in Ambridge in the first place, Susan went round to Tracey’s to ask her outright.

[Susan] “It turns our Donna’s been having a fling with Clive”

[Neil] “I always thought Donna was lacking in common sense, but they takes the biscuits … anyone but Clive.”

[Susan] “He can be very manipulative … Donna, well, she’s not used to coping alone … as you say she’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer.”

So, Neil and Susan are more outraged that Donna chose Clive than Donna actually cheated on Keith. Well, she is Dozy Donna after all …

[Susan] “Most important of all, no one must ever tell Keith.”

Susan swears Neil to secrecy (what a cheek! As if it’s Neil that’s the weak link when it comes to secrets …).

I have a horrible feeling this can’t keep a  secret forever. Not with Clive involved.

“How much further?”

How odd to hear that from a granny rather than a child!

Seems Peggy is losing her patience of the journey to Whitby. But, she’s still feeling positive. The sky ahead looks clear.

[Peggy] “So much for your prediction of wind and rain!”

Lilian reckons it’s still likely to be “changeable” …

[Peggy] “The thing I remember most clearly is sitting on the sea front in the evening eating fish and chips out of newspaper.”

[Lilian] “You're surely not suggesting we repeat that experience?”

Lilian is horrified at the thought. Their hotel has a very fine restaurant, which is warm and will be serving decent bottles of wine.

Happy days in the Carter household

[Ed] “It looks as if I, for the first time, I can see the way forward.”

[Susan] “Tracey’s made her peace with Emma, and your business has a future. What a perfect way to start the New Year.”

Let’s hope the positivity stays that way …

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