Thursday, 3 January 2013

Lilian and Peggy hit Whitby: Thurs 03.01.13 #thearchers

The Archers Thursday 3rd January 2013
  • Vicky’s still hooting about the Elizabethan Christmas Extravaganza
  • Mike’s still worried
  • It’s windy in Whitby
  • Peggy’s’ never seen a Goth
  • Neil and Mike reckon they had Christmas off this year
  • Lilian seriously needs to lie better
  • Deirdre = drain cleaner

Vicky’s still hooting about the Elizabethan Christmas Extravaganza


Mike sets her off again by just holding a kettle.

[Mike] “I hope our baby is going to be as easily amused as you are!”

Mike’s still worried

Mike’s forced to go to the pub with Neil.

Seriously – he did have to be forced. Neil was desperate to go after now having the grandkids 24/7 (he’d forgotten the joy of being able to hand them back), and Mike won’t have many chances to go to The Bull once his baby girl arrives.

His and Vicky’s baby due any moment now, so he’s not very keen about leaving Vicky alone.

Though he agrees to go to the pub, he also asks Brenda to pop in and keep Vicky company.

Anyhoo, Mike’s able to talk openly to Neil, especially over a pint.

[Mike] “I hardly dare think about the future … part of my is really looking forward to meeting my little girl … Vicky is so upbeat about the whole thing, she’s utterly certain that this baby won’t be severely disabled … what if she’s the worst end of the Down’s spectrum?”

Or, Mike explains, other problems like heart defects.

[Mike] “What if she dies?”

[Neil] “You can’t think like that Mike.”

Neil reckons you can’t think ;like that about any child. But Mike is beyond worried about how Vicky would cope if they did lose their baby.

[Neil] “None of us knows what our kids are going to be like until we meets them, and watch they grow.”

Neil cites his experience with Chris being born with a cleft lip. Susan really struggled with Chris being “less than perfect”, even rejecting Chris (to a point).

[Neil] “There’s no point speculating, your daughter will be who she is … you’re prepared and you’ve got each other … it didn’t break you, it made you strong.”

(well said Neil!)

[Mike] “I can’t stop myself. I just have to hope against hope that Vicky’s right, that she will be healthy and happy, and at least some have independence in her life.”

It’s windy in Whitby

Lilian’s forecast was quite right then.

A “nice young man” even had to fetch her hat for her after it’d blown off.

Lilian is actually being quite a grump. Which is sad, considering Whitby has such fond memories for Peggy.

But, Peggy can more than cope with Lilian’s tantrums.

She tells her to tie her scarf over her hat.

[Peggy] “We can’t let a little breeze like that put us off.”

And she marches Lilian off to end the of the promenade, in part to see if the tea shop she and Jack visited would still be there (she know probably not).

Despite Lilian’s protests, Peggy got her fish and chips outside.

[Peggy] “Perfectly cosy in this shelter.”

And the chipper doesn’t disappointed, but are a tad more expensive than in 1943 …

[Peggy] “Fish and chips definitely taste better in the open. And look at that view across the harbour.”

They eat them in the exact spot where Jack had said he and Peggy should get married.


Peggy's never seen a Goth

[Peggy] “Why are they all dressed in that bizarre manner?”

[Lilian] “They’re Goths mum. It’s a Dracula connection.”

Seems Bram Stoker stayed in Whitby.

[Lilian, quite harshly] “Have you really never come across Goths before?”

[Peggy] “I apologise for my ignorance!”

(calm down Lilian!)

And anyhoo, Lilian’s wrong.

They were more likely Emos. Dressing like that out of an impending sense of personal doom, and a specific taste in music and books, rather than a tenuous connection to Dracula.

Neil and Mike reckon they had Christmas off this year

Hayley cooked the Tucker Christmas, Emma the Carter’s.

Which Mike and Neil reckon meant they could relax. For once.


As if it isn’t normally Vicky and Susan that do all the work solo!

Lilian seriously needs to lie better

I’ve said it before, but Lilian really is letting herself down with her lack of ability to lie well. Especially over the small things (which are the ones which will catch her out).

She was in the bathroom, getting ready to go down to the hotel restaurant for dinner with Peggy when (yet another) text came through.

[Peggy] “Your phone’s making that bleeping noise.”

Peggy offers to check it, but Lilian rushes back in, and claims it will just be Brenda (who was back at work solo today).

Peggy reckons it surely can’t be Brenda as it’s well after seven.

Oh dear.

Peggy will have spotted something is awry.

Deirdre = drain cleaner

That Vicky can be a wit sometimes! She doesn’t even realise it (bless!).

While Brenda is over, Vicky tells her that she’s still trying to choose a name for her baby girl.

She was going to name her after their midwife, but the midwife’s name is:

[Vicky] “Deirdre, and that always makes me think of a drain cleaner.”

Vicky also likes Charmaine, but that not only reminds her of a girl she used to work with (who used to drink coffee through a straw) but also:

[Vicky] “Charmaine always used to make me think of pickled onions”

Though top of the list for names is Bethany, with Claire as a middle name.

Aye, that’d be nice.


Ralph Corderoy said...

Bethany Tucker, or Beatty for short.

Inga McVicar said...

Good lord ... as in pronounced Betty ... ???

Ralph Corderoy said...

Oh, I didn't think of that; another Betty Tucker. Don't suppose Vicky has either?

No, I was taking the initials, BT, and thinking of Maureen Lipman's Jewish grandma in their ads.

Inga McVicar said...

He got an 'ology!