Monday, 31 December 2012

New Year 2012 in Ambridge: Mon 31.12.12 #thearchers

The Archers Monday 31st December 2012
  • Of course Lewis can dance!
  • Lilian makes Whitby sound more alluring than New York
  • Tom didn’t even get the tea bags
  • Freddie got gel from Josh for Christmas
  • Kirsty did go the ball
  • Matt reckons Lilian’s The Bell of the Ball
  • “The best Christmas yet for sausages”
  • Tom’s bringing on middle age
  • I’m telling you … Ifty and Elizabeth ….
  • A’ the best for 2013!

Of course Lewis can dance!

[Lily] “Can Lewis do ballroom dancing?”

[Elizabeth] “When he was your age, that was the only sort of dancing there was, so everyone had to learn.”

Actually, I wonder if Scottish schools still do Scottish dancing as part of gym, as mine did.

Though you never wanted to touch your dance partner’s hand, it held us all in good stead for weddings and the like.

Lilian makes Whitby sound more alluring than New York

I didn’t think that would be possible!

Lilian sounds very down. She can’t pretend to muster much excitement for her “festive” Christmas, and New York was a very dour “marvelous”.

Everyone seems to think Whitby will be horrific in January (Lilian and Peggy leave for Whitby on Wednesday)

[Matt] “The wind will be whistling in from Siberia”

But Lilian knows what she’s doing. Her and Peggy’s hotel is a spa hotel.

Tom didn’t even get the tea bags

Tom went into the village shop to get tea bags, but Jim was serving/

When Tom got to paying for his tea bags.

[Tom] “Put my tea bags on the counter, offered Jim a fiver, but he just ignored it.”

Seems Jazzer’s warning to Jim that Tom was furious meant Jim was more interested in explaining to Tom why he’d written an article about Chris.

Seems Chris was more befitting to Borchester Life … especially as his workplace is more “picturesque”. Tom hasn’t quite got the same artisan workplace:

[Tom] “Which he referred to as my sausage factor.”

Ach well Tom.

When someone else is right, they’re right!

Freddie got gel from Josh for Christmas

Seems his hair was very noticeably gelled up.

Kirsty did go the ball

Seems Kirsty was quite nervous about going to the Lower Loxley New Year ball.

[Kirsty] “It’s the first time I’ve been to a proper, grown-up ball. No-one’s ever asked me before.”


Matt reckons Lilian’s The Bell of the Ball

Matt and Lilian are also at Lower Loxley.

He’s having a grand time. And is full of compliments for Lilian.

[Matt] “We make a lovely couple … not just on the dance floor.”

I don’t think, somehow, that Matt will be as chirpy as 2013 unfolds …

“The best Christmas yet for sausages”

Poor Brenda. She really can’t take Tom out anywhere!

After he starts talking shop, Brenda goes off dancing with Ifty.

[Kirsty] “That’s what talking about sausages does for you. Your girlfriends goes off with another man!”

Tom’s bringing on middle age

[Kirsty] “You always used to enjoy being drunk and raucous … oh dear, you don’t think you might be getting middle aged  before you’re time. You’re not eyeing up cardigans?”

Tom reckons not, but also reckons he’s happy to be settled. Wants to be married, Have kids, and the like.

[Tom]”If that’s being middle aged, well, bring it on!”


Think Tom should check if Brenda agrees?

I’m telling you … Ifty and Elizabeth ….

Kirsty sounded quite jealous of Tom being so settled. She doesn’t feel she has her future planned, or her ‘forever’ partner.

Ifty’s a nice chap, but:

[Kirsty] “I’m not sure that he’s husband material.”

Whereas …

Elizabeth couldn’t find Freddie. Ifty suggested the stables, which is exactly where Freddie and one of his wee pals were.

Elizabeth gives herself a hard time for panicking. She just can’t help herself.

[Elizabeth] “The thing is, it’s been two years now since Nigel dies. I should be getting used to it.”

[Ifty] “Why? … that’s just an average, it doesn’t work for everyone.”

Seems Elizabeth still thinks of “what Nigel would say” all of the time, and thinks he wouldn’t forgive her if anything happens to their kids.

She also thinks Nigel would have known where to look for Freddie … which is just what Ifty was able to do.

Odds on a romance between Ifty and Elizabeth …

A’ the best for 2013!

We didn’t get to hear the bells come in Ambridge (well, it has happened yet).

But I’d just like to wish everyone a healthy and happy 2013.



caroline_venezia said...

And the very same to you, Inga!

I have to say I'd prefer Whitby to New York :-) Though it's true I wouldn't fancy either in March.

DH had also wondered if Ifty was being lined up for Elizabeth. I didn't think so, as I thought Kirsty was smitten, but it seems not...

Inga McVicar said...


I'm with you. What's New York compared to a proper British seaside. The penny arcades are even open.

I agree with DH about Ifty. Kirsty has a rubbish record when it comes to keeping men, and she's already said Ifty isn't husband material.

ifty and Elizabeth did seem to enjoy their private walk around around Deck the Halls ...