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Bob Pullen’s passed away: Wed 26.12.12 #thearchers

The Archers Wednesday 26th December 2012
  • Susan and Ed had a nice Christmas
  • Ruth’s being a witch to her cows
  • Ed’s scared of computers
  • Even the Village Shop is open
  • Jill mixes her pies up again
  • Jim reckons “dull but worthy”
  • Memories of Bob Pullen
  • Susan’s not going to judge Ed

Susan and Ed had a nice Christmas

Susan’s up early tidying, Ed’s up early for milking.

He lends a hand, but isn’t much use. He doesn’t know where anything goes.

They both reckons yesterday was really nice. The kids certainly had a grand time.

[Susan] “Lovely to see their little faces, opening their presents.”

Ruth’s being a witch to her cows

But it’s alright. She still have the upmost respect and love for her cow.

She’s just practising for the Elizabethan Christmas Extravaganza.

Ed’s scared of computers

Well, at least he admits it.

Though quite a unique thing for a chap his age.

Ed knows Neil’s had a word with Ruth, so he now asks Ruth to show him dairy accountancy programmes.

She reckons he’ll save time, money and worry. Though it might look complicated, once he gets the hang, it’ll become second nature.

Even the Village Shop is open

There’s a sign of the times.

It’s only open until lunchtime, but even still. It’s a shame folks can’t cope with shops for more than 1 day.

Absolutely everything shuts down in deepest Galloway, where I live. And quite right too!

Anyhoo, Jim reckons they’ll be busy selling indigestion tablets.

Jill mixes her pies up again

Jim has to spit his own. His brain can’t accept that it’s real mince when he thought it to be sweet.

Jazzer doesn’t mind.

His brain will accept any food.

Jim reckons “dull but worthy”

Oh dear. He doesn’t have high hopes for the Elizabethan Christmas Extravaganza being anything other than a bit of a damp squib.

Kenton begs to differ.

He reckons Jim will be “pleasantly surprised”

[Jim] “I shouldn’t be surprised that you’re taking her side, you seem to be an accolade of hers recently.”


Memories of Bob Pullen

[Jill] “I’ve just had a call from the hospital. It’s Mr Pullen. He’s dead.”

Jill’s very shook up. Kenton gets her a brandy.

We obviously knew Bob hadn’t been well over the last few weeks, but even Jill didn’t expect him to go this quickly.

[Jill] “Dear old Bob.”

[Kenton] “Mind you, he could be a cantankerous at times!”

Though Bob had a lot to contend with, according to Jill. What with being deaf and having bladder issues.

[Jill] “I remember though, he really laid into some chap one year for hogging the portaloo at the fate.”

Jim had a story Jazzer told him about Bob. “The great Ambridge Talent Show prize debacle. Seems Bob won his category for playing the spoons, Jazzer won his for singing. Jazzer got a hamper from Ambridge Organics, Bob got dinner for 2 at Grey Gables.

Jazzer wanted to swap so that he could take a lady, but Bob refused.

[Jim] “He turned up at Grey Gables and demanded Caroline convert his prize from one dinner for two into two dinners for one!”

[Kenton] “I think that we should all raise out glasses to a real character.”

And they reckon someone should tell Joe.

[Jim] “He’s going to be very interested …He’s now the village elder.”

Which I suppose will be a sad, happy and scary thing for Joe …

Susan’s not going to judge Ed

Susan’s having to accept that her house will no longer be pristine, with Ed, Emma and the kids around. Though she thinks they’ll need to adopt a code word for when she’s starting to lose the plot …

Ed’s ever so grateful to her for making the chance to her life, and sharing their home with them.

[Ed] “I know I’ve let her down … I’m going to do everything I can to get us back on our feet.”

Susan says she’s know that. And she can see how much Ed loves Emma and the kids, and how much Emma loves Ed.

[Susan] “I don’t want you to feel I;m judging you … with my family, what right have I got … New year, new start.”


caroline_venezia said...

I was quite shocked at Jill baldly saying "He's dead", weren't you? It doesn't seem like her - I'd have expected something like "I'm afraid he's passed away."

Inga McVicar said...

Ah - our Jill can be quite brutal sometimes. I always think she's far more abrupt that the lovely, cosy Peggy.

I think it was also genuine shock. Must be horrible when you start to become the oldest in the village.