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Chris is a feature boy: Sun 30.12.12 #thearchers

The Archers Sunday 30th December 2012
  • It was Alice's idea, but she's annoyed
  • Let's Ear it for Jim
  • Mike and Vicky's baby due in a week
  • Did Lynda know?
  • Alice can be a right snob sometimes
  • Chris earns more than Alice
  • Jazzer gathers mourners for Bob
  • Jazzer sings for pints
  • Can Jazzer’s Glaswegian cousins be worse than the Horrobins?
  • Tom’s furious
  • Jazzer worries Jim

It was Alice's idea, but she's annoyed

Jim is doing his interview which Chris today, which has infuriated Alice. It's her only day off.

[Alice] "It's not as if he works!"

She reckons it'll take hours between the actual interview, and then getting photos at the Forge.

[Alice] "Sparks flying, sweat dripping, the craftsman at his toil ..."

(sounds Like Alice and Chris are still in their honeymoon period!)

Let's Ear it for Jim

Sorry ...

Poor Jim.

Seems when he walks into a room, folks now do the 'friends, Romans, countryman' line at him, then shout 'here they are!'


Mike and Vicky's baby due in a week


Doesn't seem that long since they found out Vicky was pregnant.

Seems Mike is getting a bit wound up.

Vicky was in hysterical laughter retelling (every single bit) of the Elizabethan Christmas Extravaganza.

[Brenda] "I think he was worried she was going into labour"

[Tom] "Can that happen? Premature labour being brought on by excessive hilarity?"

I wonder if Vicky's girl will have the same birthday as Helen's Henry ...

Did Lynda know?

Well, we know Lynda didn't have a clue about Kenton's plans for the show, but Ambridge is very much divided.

Jim reckons she know.

As does Chris and Alice.

But Tom and Brenda could see Lynda's reactions throughout the show:

[Brenda] "Robert practically had to wrestle her to the ground to stop her leaping up on the stage."

The jury is out ...

Alice can be a right snob sometimes

Which is surprising, considering the family she's married into (The Horrobin side, not the Carters). But then again, not surprising considering who her mother is.

Alice had assumed Tom and Brenda wouldn’t be going to the Lower Loxley New Year ball as it was black tie, and such ... She then claimed she meant that it would be full of older folks ... hmmmm

Anyhoo - Brenda and Tom are going, with Kirsty and Ifty.

Chris earns more than Alice

Chris explains to Jim that he was always fascinated by the Blacksmith as a kid, that he wasn't good academically, and that he likes making things.

So, he became a farrier.

Though Chris still has "cold shivers" over the size of the loan h had to take out to buy the business, he does have plans to expand, eventually. Including taking on an apprentice (him or her ... good lad!).

When Jim asks him if he makes a good living, Chris reckons so. Very god, in fact.

[Chris] "Better than my wife, though she's had four years at University"

(Though he tells Jim not to print that. Could you imagine the fall out!)

Jazzer gathers mourners for Bob

Seems Bob Pullen's funeral is on Friday morn. As he didn't have much family himself, Jazzer's taken it on to make sure he gets a decent crowd.

[Jazzer] "It was be a tragedy it was half empty"

Jazzer really is a good 'un, on occasion ...

Alice reckons she won’t be able to get the time off.

[Jazzer] "A funeral’s an important rite of passage."

[Chris] "Alice works for a workaholic bunch of nerds who don’t understand rites of passage."

(meow! Earning more really has given Chris confidence)

Jazzer sings for pints

Seems everyone wants Jazzer to sing his Friar and Nun song again. To the point where he’s considering starting charging. Either a fiver for a charity of his choice, or a pint.

Can Jazzer’s Glaswegian cousins be worse than the Horrobins?

Folks are again gossiping about Clive. Everyone reckons it’s a real shame on Bert, having two sons in prison.

[Jazzer] “It's no his fault … and as for my cousins in Glasga …”


Can Jazzer’s Glasgow cousins really be worse than the Horrobins?

[Chris] “Alice's mum is scandalised, which is fun.”

Ah – I do like Chris’ sense of humour when it comes to Jennifer.

Tom’s furious

When Tom realizes that Jim is doing an article on Chris, he’s spluttering with fury.

He’d told Jim that he would be available for an interview, but Jim told him he couldn’t just do articles about Ambridge folks.

[Tom] “So how comes he makes an exception for you?”

Alice reckons it might be because Chris has a more artisan, traditional craft.

[Jazzer] “Nah, he just thinks Chris is a mair interesting person than you Tom, and mair photogenic.”


But hilarious that Tom’s nose is out of joint.


Jazzer worries Jim

As Jim is writing his article about Chris:

[Jim] “ … a young man forging his own opportunities …”

Jazzer comes back home.

[Jim] “Is that you Jazzer?”

[Jazzer] “No. It's a burglar!”

Jazzer then tells Jim that Tom is beyond angry at Jim for not doing his next article on him.

[Jazzer] “Upset, foaming in the mooth. he was all for coming round here and giving you some serious grief ... he's no a happy bunny!”

Maybe Jazzer takes this too far?

Jim will be terrified … Tom can pack a mean pointed finger!


caroline_venezia said...

Any details of Alice's job seem to have passed me by - the only previous mention I remember was some job being dependent on her passing her Master's (?). Any idea? Presumably it's conveniently within commuting distance? Do we assume she started straight after Christmas, or what?

Inga McVicar said...

There was a mention a wee while back of an interview, but I think that was it. Apart from that, I know nowt!