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Matt makes supper: Fri 14.12.12 #thearchers

The Archers Friday 14 December 2012
  • A real tree for the Carter household
  • Jazzer is risqué, not rude
  • Paul likes the way Lilian eats Linguine
  • Neil offers Ed help
  • Matt buys quiche

A real tree for the Carter household

No idea why – but Neil let Susan scramble about in their attic, looking for their false tree, before telling her that he’s bought a real one off of Mike.

Though Susan hates the needles, she agrees she wants to make it a special Christmas for George and Keira.

(someone needs to tell Neil and Susan that you can easily get real ones which don’t drop their needles. I’m writing this on 29 December, after our tree has been up for over 2 weeks now – not one needle has fallen of its own accord … those on the floor were all due to our foster greyhound’s taste for the end of the branches. Bless).

Jazzer is risqué, not rude

According to Lynda.

Well, she hasn’t heard his Friar song in full yet, so maybe she should without her judgement …

Paul likes the way Lilian eats Linguine

She really can do no wrong in his eyes. Everything she does is sexy.

Lilian is ravenous.

[Lilian] “You have given me back my appetite, darling.”

They arrange to meet next week in Cheltenham.

Seems like they can’t get enough of each other.

Neil offers Ed help

As Neil is helping Ed to move, he also offers to take a look at his books. Just to give an extra opinion on them.

Ed reckons no. He can manage.

(damn his pride!)

But later on, Ed agrees.

(hang on … does Ed not have an accountant? If he does, he’s got a rather rubbish one)

Matt buys quiche

When Lilian gets home, Matt’s got quiche and salad in for supper.

He’s even taken them out of their packets, and put them onto plates.

[Matt] “Well, Tiger missed his little pusscat”

With James and Leonie away, Matt wants to settle down with Lilian, and have “a really great Christmas”

Think he knows about Paul?

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