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Lilian and Paul have adult relations again: Thurs 13.12.12 #thearchers

The Archers Thursday 13 December 2012
  • Lilian wants to say goodbye in London
  • What’s in a name, prt 2
  • Guerrilla stickering
  • Will’s fuming
  • Paul loves Lilian

Lilian wants to say goodbye in London

James is back off home, and is surprised to see Lilian also has her cases packed. She’d like to accompany him.

[Lilian] “Main thing is that we get a few more hours together and I won’t have to say goodbye to you here.”

(that later turns out not to be true. Lilian lying and using her son … she’s starting to behave like Matt!)

Typical James, he doesn’t really want Lilian to stay with him. He can only offer her a futon. But, Lilian has already booked a hotel.

Sounds dodgy to me …

What’s in a name, prt 2

Vicky now likes Michelle, or Michaela.

And maybe Nicola.

But that one was as she was talking to Nic …

Guerrilla stickering

Seems someone has been sticking stickers on Lynda’s Elizabethan Christmas Extravaganza posters, saying ‘Special Guest … Featuring the one and only Lord of Misrule’.

[Lynda] “Who has done that. It has quite spoiled the impact of my poster.”

Kenton claims it’s nothing to do with him. He reckons he must just have a secret fan.

Lynda is aghast, but calms down when she realises this might play in her favour:

[Will] “That makes it sound interesting, don’t it … I wasn’t going to bother, what with I being Shakespeare and all that.”

(do any of us not believe Kenton is behind this?)

Will’s fuming

Ah, back to normal service then.

Nic’s told Will that Ed and Emma are moving, and that George is quite happy about it.

[Will] “So happy about this move, I don’t believe a word … when he comes to stay here over Christmas, he won’t have a proper home to go to … just because my brother’s so flipping useless, he can’t even keep a roof over their heads.”

The way Will sees it, they’re moving just before Christmas, and will technically be “on the streets”.

[Nic] “Stop slagging your brother and think about what’s good for George … it must have really cost Emma to come up and tell me!”

[Will] “She’s only got herself to blame.”

[Nic] “These things happen … to people for no fault of their own … you’ve been lucky Will, Ed hasn’t.”

[Will] “You make your own luck.”

Nic tells Will to wind his neck in, and calm down.

Which he does.

But I doubt that’s the last rant we’ve heard about this.

Paul loves Lilian

Of course, Lilian is only in London to have a rendezvous with Paul.

We’re back in bed with Paul and Lilian

[Lilian] “Oh Paul, I’m not much good to you, am I … those times I kept putting you off, kept you waiting … Darling, why does life have to be so complicated?”

[Paul] “Leave all that, forget it … my Lilian. I love you.”

[Lilian] “Oh!”

[Paul] “Happy?”

[Lilian] “Oh yes. Yes I am.”


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