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Matt makes breakfast: Sun 16.12.12 #thearchers

The Archers Sunday 16 December 2012
  • Matt’s sooking up again
  • More teasing on Lynda’s posters
  • Ruth’s got a hangover
  • Joyce serves sponge and guilt
  • Shakespearian jokes
  • A Llama is better than Lilian
  • Matt offers alcohol and “whatever”

Matt’s sooking up again

Lunch, supper, toast for James … and now breakfast. In bed, no less!

Matt’s really pushing the boat out.

He even suggests that go and visit Joyce to see how she’s settling into her new flat.

AND he remembers that Lilian has a rehearsal later on.

Even Lilian hadn’t remembered that.

More teasing on Lynda’s posters

[Lynda] “Good heavens, it’s happened again. Someone has defaced my poster!”

This time, the stickers say: ‘Anything can happen and it probably will’, and makes mention of the food.

[Kenton] “It’s a tease. Intriguing.”

[Lynda] “Misleading. I know exactly what’s going to happen!”

Kenton still denies he has a hand in this.

[Lynda] “I'm having rather a trying time .. ‘taste the glories of Elizabethan England’, indeed!”

But just as Will was more interested in buying tickets because of the last sticker message, Usha was intrigued by these new ones. She hadn’t realised there was food.

Maybe Lynda needs to accept that whoever is behind this (*ahem* Kenton *ahem*) is actually doing a grand job of selling more tickets.

Ruth’s got a hangover

After her anniversary last night.

She can’t even make rehearsals today.

Joyce serves sponge and guilt

Over at Joyce’s, Matt and Lilian enjoy her sponge. Which is seemingly divine.

But there was an overwhelming sense that Joyce was wishing the sponge would choke Matt. Though Joyce loves her flat:

[Joyce] “I just wish our old home together could have been as nice.”

Shakespearian jokes

Kenton has been making up his own Elizabethan jokes:

[Kenton] “How many Elizabethans does it take to light a light bulb … none … they haven’t been invented yet!”


But Lynda insists that all jokes should be gathered from Shakespeare.

She recites a few.

[Kenton] “Morecombe and wise can rest easy”

A Llama is better than Lilian

According to Lynda, after she’d heard Lilian practise her witch.

[Lynda] “You seem to have picked up Ruth’s witchy voice, and Lilian, you sound worse than my Wolfgang!”

[Kenton] “Well, she wasn’t bleating”

[Lynda] “He has a terrible cough.”

[Lilian] “Here, was I supposed to make that rhyme.”

[Kenton] “Well I suppose it did it Shakespeare’s time.”

(ho ho!)

[Lynda] “You know, I’m beginning to see why this is supposed to be an unlucky play.”


Sounds hilarious to me!

When Lilian gets home:

[Matt] “How was the rehearsal?”

[Lilian] “Confusing …”

Matt offers alcohol and “whatever”

Matt pours Lilian a large G&T.

A snuggle.

A “soppy” DVD.

[Matt] “ …or whatever you fancy …”

Which I assume relates to adult relations …

… I think Lilian’s getting enough of that elsewhere.

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