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Leonie’s best idea is “potato”: Tues 04.12.12 #thearchers

The Archers Tuesday 4th December 2012
  • Lynda explains Brawn
  • James wants liveried footmen
  • Shires Rare Breed
  • The Elizabethan Christmas Extravaganza needs sausage rolls …
  • Lynda sees a new side to James
  • Matt likes James?
Lynda explains Brawn

The food for the Elizabethan Christmas extravaganza will be collar of Brawn marinated in spices, real mince pies, and marchpane made into “fancy shapes”.

[Robert] “I’m going to need an old English dictionary, what exactly is brawn?”

Lynda explains that brawn is basically boiled pork loin, real mince pies uses real mince and marchpane is marzipan.

[Robert] “So pork, mince pies and marzipan.”

Well, Lynda sniffed, there are other dishes. It’s all about the keynote dishes being authentic.

James wants liveried footmen to carry him round Deck the Halls.

He claims he’s joking …

James and Leonie then waffled on for a while, drinking Gluhwein. I fully admit I completely switched off …

Shires Rare Breed

Is what the Shires Brewery wants to rename the Lower Loxley rare Breed brand in return for sponsorship.

See what they did there?

Very clever (!).

Shires also want exclusive on drinks events.


While Shires are punting this to Roy and Elizabeth as a ‘partnership’, it sounds like they’re taking a bigger bite that will tie up Lower Loxley. I only hope the value of their sponsorship is worth it.

The Elizabethan Christmas Extravaganza needs sausage rolls …

According to Leonie and James.

They reckon more ‘modern food is required for the Christmas show’. Like sausage rolls. Sandwiches. And chicken legs.


Lynda tries to explain that the food has to be authentic to Elizabethan times. At which point, Leonie actually has a good suggestion …

… potatoes.

Potatoes were obviously an “exotic vegetables” back in the day. And they’re rather adaptable.

Chips it is!

(Lynda didn’t actually agree to chips … doubt she ever will)

Lynda sees a new side to James
[Lynda] “Is this really James, he’s being so nice to her.

[Robert] “And he’s letting her boss her around Robert”

[Lynda] “It’s just so nice to see them being in a balanced relationship.”

Now that’s interesting.

Lynda always tells Lilian that it’s James who bullies Leonie – now that she’s seen Leonie bullying James, she’s happy to bless their relationship.

(I wonder if she’ll ever admit that to Lynda.)

Seems James has also found his peace with Lynda:

[James] “I always find Lynda easier to manage after she’s had a glass or two”


Matt likes James?

When James and Leonie get back from Deck the Halls, they find Matt has left a present out for James.

A bottle of expensive cognac.

[James] “From Matt … ‘in case you feel like a night cap’ …. Don’t you find it just a little bit strange … now he’s started being so nice to me?”

[Leonie] “I know what a  great and wonderful person you are. It’s just taken Matt a whole to see that too.”


Matt’s never that straightforward.

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