Saturday, 29 December 2012

Clive’s a total fruit loop: Thurs 20.12.12 #ambridgeextra

Ambridge Extra Thursday 20 December 2012
  • Tracey does really well in an interview
  • Donna’s kissing Clive while Poochy barks
  • Bert’s sprained his wrist
  • Clive gets nasty
  • Donna tells Tracey about Clive

Tracey does really well in an interview
I underestimated Tracey.

After hearing her interview, I’d have given her a job!

She’s trying for a waitress position.

Why did she leave her last job?

It was fulfilling, and didn’t leave her time with her kids.

Why does she want this job?

She likes working with food, and was a supervisor in her last role.

Why does she want to work in a  restaurant?

She’s very easy to get on with (!)

The Tracey adds that she knows the importance of customer service. And that she can always tell how good the customer service is by the state of the ladies’ toilets. After all, folks want an experience, not just to eat.

Blimey! Tracey really is good at this. She must be a natural, as I can’t imagine her studying an Interview book.

Tracey gets offered the job there and then.

BUT the job offer is then retracted when Tracey’s asked for references. She can’t give them, as the school would only have bad things to say.

[Tracey] “What I know don’t matter.”

As a result of losing one job and not getting the other, Tracey has had to cancel the tablet she was going to gift Brad. She didn’t get deposit back. And reckoned the sales woman looked at her “like dirt”.

Tracey’s very down.

[Tracey] “I just don’t know how it all happened … Just because I gave that snooty teacher a  piece of my mind.”

I do feel sorry for Tracey.

Donna’s kissing Clive while Poochy barks


Donna should listen to Poochy. She (he?) was growling with every breath, then broke out into barking.

But, Donna seems to really enjoy Clive’s attention. She’s even sleeping better, without her sleeping pills.

Clive demands that Poochy gets put outside. Donna at least protests that it’s too cold.

[Clive] “Put her in the kitchen Donna, eh. How can I concentrate on you properly with that dog giving me evils?”

He then makes her tell him that she missed her. After which, he kicks Poochy when Donna is out of the room. And then denies it.

[Clive] “Are you calling me a liar?”

Clive really is a bit of a scary creep.

He then tells Donna he doesn’t want them to fall out, because:

[Clive] “I’ve got some money for you. For the mortgage.”

He then tells her he should move in. Then he could pay the full mortgage every month.

[Clive] “And when the time’s right, you could even put me on the mortgage,. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore … now brew us a cup of tea, eh?”

What what what???

Clive is both evil and incredibly twisted.

But, Donna’s daft enough not to stand up to him.

Bert’s sprained his wrist

While standing on a stool, trying to get some drill bits.

He’s really been in the wars.

Someone needs to be keeping a closer eye on him.

Clive gets nasty

Donna tries to tell Clive that he’s going too fast for her.

[Clive] “We’ve known each other for years.”

[Donna] “Not in this way.”

Donna asks for them to take a breather over Christmas, but Clive’s not having it.

[Clive] “So, what are you planning to do for next month’s mortgage?”

Ah – trapped.

Clive then switches Donna’s phone off when it rings, then takes it away while he gets her a proper new one.

He then goes out.

[Clive] “And when I get back, I'm sure you can think of a nice way to thank me.”

Oh dear god.

This is horrible.

Donna tells Tracey about Clive

But Tracey’s to self-obsessed to hear Donna properly.

[Donna] “Tracey, I’ve gone and got mixed up with Clive … he’s moving in.”

[Tracey] “You what?”

[Donna] “At first, I just let him kiss me  …”

[Tracey] “You did what?”

Tracey doesn’t hear Donna’s appeal for help. All she can hear is that Donna has cheated on Keith.

[Tracey] “Is this your sick idea of family loyalty, no wonder you need sleeping pills, I couldn’t live with myself let alone sleep at night!”

Who can Donna turn to now?


Ralph Corderoy said...

Tad confusing the Beeb choosing to add mikes to the Horrobin's. I read Bert and think Fry.

Inga McVicar said...

I see what you mean. I struggled with mentions of Bert when he first started featuring again.

Though have to say the Horrobins are great eavesdropping value!