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Tracey sends Clive back to prison: Thurs 27.12.12 #ambridgeextra

Ambridge Extra Thursday 27th December 2012
  • Clive’s got a sore head
  • “He’s gone to Felpersham to meet some bloke about a Captain Pickard”
  • Tracy has a plan
  • Bert saves Poochy
  • Poochy saves everyone!

Clive’s got a sore head

I bet he does.

Clive has had to call his boss, and his customers, to apologise for being late.

He’s slept in.

Daft laddie doesn’t realise he was drugged.

“He’s gone to Felpersham to meet some bloke about a Captain Pickard”

I wish Gary would speak.

He sounds hilarious!

[Bert] “He’s gone to Felpersham to meet some bloke about a Captain Pickard”

[Tracey] “Another one!”


I reckon Gary could be a whole spin off eavesdropping episode of his own.

Tracy has a plan

Donna’s terrified.

[Donna] “What if he never woke up for the sleeping pills I gave him?”

She’s lucky she’s got Tracey onside, and willing.

Tracey tells Donna to call Clive, and ask her to pick her up from her house, in Ambridge.

Clive agrees to, but is fuming. He’s already behind with work after having slept in (though he still has no clue what happened).

When Clive turns up, Tracey will then call the Police. By the terms of Clive’s parole, he’s not allowed in Ambridge.

The Police nab Clive, Clive goes to prison, Donna’s free.

Bert saves Poochy

Also part of Tracey’s plan was to get Bert out of the house.

She asks him to go round to Donna’s to walk Poochy. Even paying for a minicab and giving him extra for a pint at The Bull while he waits for it.

When Bert gets into Donna’s, he can hear Poochy grumbling, but can’t find her.

Turns out Clive had locked her up (sounded like a cupboard) and her tied up.

Clive really should be sent to life in prison just for that alone.

Poochy saves everyone!

When Clive gets to Tracey’s, he’s not in a very good mood.

[Clive] “I’m just here to get what’s mine and then I’m gone.”

Though Tracey and Donna keep trying to stall him, and also  make an excuse to use the phone, Clive keeps thwarting them.

When Clive catches Tracey trying to call, her smashes her mobile. Though she does manages to make the call from another phone when Clive’s busy beating on Donna.

But Daft Donna proves again she’s not that daft.

While she’d been sent to spruce herself up (by Clive), she lifted his car keys.

Clive goes berserk.

Donna’s trying to hide from him, but he breaks the door down, grans her hair and even bites her hand to try and get his keys.

Actually – very brutal and disturbing.

Tracey gets into the room as well, takes Clive’s keys, and chucks them out the window.

Clive hits Tracey.

[Clive] “Don’t think I’m going to forget about this Tracey, you’ll get what’s coming to you!”

[Tracey] “I’m not scared of you!!”

Atta girl Tracey.

Just when it looks like someone is going to get badly hurt. Bert turns up with Poochy. Who attacks Clive and keeps his from hurting anyone or running away.

(Poochy, not Bert!)

[Clive] “Call her off!”

[Donna] “No chance.”

We can hear Police sirens on the background.

[Tracey] “Listen Clive, hear that?”

[Clive] “You’ve dobbed me into the cops. I’m your brother!”

[Tracey] “You’ve brought it on yourself. Kiss it all goodbye, cause you’ll be back in jail for supper.”


That was rather disturbing.

I don’t suppose Clive will ever be welcome by anyone Horrobin from hereon. Mind you, they say that every time …

Will Tracey also now forgive Emma for grassing?

And will Clive be put into the same Prison, wing, room … as Keith? That could make life even worse for Keith.

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