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Conspiracy against Tracey: Thurs 13.12.12 #ambridgeextra

Ambridge Extra Thursday 13th December 2012
  • Sarah Martin sounds like a right b*tch
  • “Oh God, Clive Horrobin!”
  • Tracey’s accused of “excessive force” on a child
  • Donna hasn’t got enough food for Poochy
  • Does Clive have a girlfriend?

Sarah Martin sounds like a right b*tch

She was the teacher who caught Tracey asleep on the job the other day. Then smelt Tracey’s hangover. And reported her to the head.

So, when Tracey hears this Sarah Martin gossiping about her, she sees red.

[Tracey] “Excuse me, Ms Martin.”

Tracey then starts to shout at Sarah Martin …

[Sarah] “God, we’re not on Jeremy Kyle Tracey!”


That just makes Tracey even more furious.

“Oh God, Clive Horrobin!”

Was what the bloke cried when Clive Horrobin jumped him.

It was the bloke who’d been loan sharking Donna.

Clive gives him a beating, and makes him guarantee that Donna’s debt is cancelled.

How can Clive be sure the guarantee will hold?

He also takes the bloke’s mobile, and takes down his mum’s phone number.

(that’s actually quite clever of Clive)

[Clive] “Nice doing business with you. Oh. Merry Christmas!”


I don’t like Clive at all, but that bloke had it coming.

Tracey’s accused of “excessive force” on a child

Tracey was trying to break up two kids from fighting, during which she grabbed one of the kid’s arms.

Sarah Martin sees it happening, and claims Tracey was far too rough.

[Sarah] “So you admit it, you used excessive force on Martha!”

Tracey tries to wiggle her way out of it:

[Sarah] “Don’t you trying an treat me like your kids, you patronising cow!”

Yikes! Jeremy Kyle, it is!!!

Sarah now claims it’s a child protection issue, which will need to be reported.

[Tracey] “You scheming lying toe rag, Sarah Martin!”

Tracey’s sent home, and the local authority will be involved.

[Tracey] “But I really didn’t hurt Martha.”

[Sarah] “And that’s what the officer will reveal. Have some faith in the system.”

Tracey reckons Sarah has fitted her up because she was embarrassed to be caught gossiping earlier on.

Conspiracy …

[Sarah] “You see, that’s exactly your problem there, everyone knows what a short fuse you have, and all that drinking just exacerbates it … why not try the supermarket, or there are some lovely little pubs around here!”

What a witch!

I agree with Tracey. It is a fit up, but Tracey can also blame herself for her hangover the other day, which started this all off.

So – Tracey might be out of a job ahead of Christmas. AND she’ll miss the school carol concert.

Donna hasn’t got enough food for Poochy

[Donna] “Naughty dog … eaten the cushion … jumping on the furniture … I know, you’re missing him as well, aren’t you?”

Well, considering Donna doesn’t even have any food in for Poochy, and doesn’t sound like she’s walking her (him?), I think Poochy’s problems is from a lack of attention and an empty belly.

Poochy sounds like a clever (albeit nippy) wee thing.

She (he?) certainly doesn’t like Clive.

Does Clive have a girlfriend?

He claims so. But his flat shows no sign of a woman in residence.

Just a ploy to make Donna feel that his intentions are purely honourable?

I would think so.

Clive’s spending a lot of time complimenting Donna, while making sure she’s dependent on him for money.

This can’t end well …

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