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Ed’s not a businessman: Sun 09.12.12 #thearchers

The Archers Sunday 9th December 2012
  • Oliver and Caroline live in a bubble
  • What to buy Tony for Christmas?
  • Matt takes Lilian out to lunch
  • David lost the election
  • David and Ruth’s 24th anniversary
  • Lilian sounds unsure about next year
  • Ed doesn’t know how to run a business
  • Lilian calls Paul again

Oliver and Caroline live in a bubble

Oliver thinks Ed and Emma are moving into Susan’s so that they can save a deposit to buy their own home.

Caroline thinks Ed and Emma are moving into Susan’s as Rickyard is so small.

Really? Are they both completely blinkered?

Well … no.

They realise that it’ll be a big step for Ed to move in with Neil and Susan.

First off, Neil banned Ed from his house when Ed and Emma had been living in that caravan.

[Caroline] “They’ve all moved on, surely?”

But Oliver also reckons that Ed values his space, so … (and you could actually hear Oliver joining the dots here) … the reason for Ed and Emma’s move must be financial.

What to buy Tony for Christmas?

Lilian can’t think.

(though Tony, Pat, Helen and Henry haven’t been seen in a while … Lilian could probably save her money and not bother)

Matt suggests snowboarding lessons.

Lilian doesn’t find that funny.

[Lilian] “Tony’s a lot better than he was, but it’s hardly appropriate.”

Lilian really hasn’t got a sense of humour for Matt right now …

Matt takes Lilian out to lunch

That really is Matt’s answer to everything.

Lilian in a mood … take Lilian out for lunch, or shopping.

[Matt] “Leave all this, cheer up and go put your glad rags on!”

David lost the election

Seems David didn’t win the  County NFU Chair election.

He doesn’t sound that bothered, but he does think it had something to do with him being a cattle-type farmer:

[David] “Balance has swung too far in favour for arable”

The chap that did get elected – Dean Adams – is 100% arable according to David. Not one cow to be found on his land.

[Ruth] “That doesn’t mean he’ll make a bad chair.”

[David] “He seems a perfectly reasonable human being really …”

Actually, David’s already talking like a politician:

[David] “As a loser, I’ll get to spend more time with my family.”

He’s even thinking of taking up a hobby. Or “spend time thinking of treats” for Ruth.


David really is a man of leisure these days.

Though wait until those cows start calving, all at the same time …

David and Ruth’s 24th anniversary

Is next week.

[David] “The usual then, book a nice restaurant not too far.”

[Ruth] “Sounds lovely.”

Lilian sounds unsure about next year

Though Matt’s waxing lyrical about “full steam ahead” in 2013, Lilian doesn’t sound very convinced.

She’s probably thinking she might not be with Matt to do any steaming at all …

Even Matt’s suggestion of a trip to Bermuda or the Seychelles after the Winter doesn’t encourage any excitement.

[Lilian] “I can’t really think that far ahead.”

Ed doesn’t know how to run a business

[Neil] “Book keeping has never been that family’s strong point.”

Seems everyone’s starting to realise that Ed’s problem is that Ed has never been shown how to do the business part of his business.
Neil and David reckon Ed needs mentoring.

[David] “His whole business could be at risk.”

So, someone has to have a word.

Neil draws the short straw.

That’ll be a fun chat. Considering Ed’s pride …

Lilian calls Paul again

This seems to be a daily occurrence.

Matt annoys Lilian, then tries to make up for it. Unsuccessfully.

Lilian then calls Paul, upset and wanting to see him.

Paul also wants to see her.

But neither of them are sure when.

[Lilian] “I so want to see you again. l I think about you all the time.”

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