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Eddie shouts at Will: Mon 17.12.12 #thearchers

The Archers Monday 17 December 2012
  • Vicky’s birthday
  • Eddie gives Will what for
  • Neil’s shocked by Ed’s office

Vicky’s birthday

Vicky got to sleep in until 9.30am, got breakfast in bed.

Brenda gave her a dressing gown.

Mike got her aromatherapy oils.

[Vicky] “And from such a posh shop too”

Mike got them to be able to give Vicky a back rub … which would be a treat for them both.

Vicky’s stunned when Mike tells her that the oils are definitely okay for pregnant women, as he asked the woman in the shop.

[Vicky] “You went in yourself, you didn’t send Brenda … the thought of you in that shop, that’s the birthday present.”

I can imagine so! Mike making all of that effort is a lovely thing (and I know asking a question in a shop isn’t generally a difficult thing, but it is normally gruff and rough Mike we’re talking about here!)

And to top it all, Mike’s going to take Vicky shopping to Cheltenham.

My, my.

Seems Cheltenham is THE place for Ambridge residents to go for shopping.

I wonder if Vicky and Mike will be in Cheltenham the same day as Lilian and Paul …

Eddie gives Will what for

Will’s got Eddie in to do some (paid) maintenance work with him around the estate.

Will can’t contain his anger at Ed.

[Will] “Unbelievable, Ed mismanaging that nice little business so badly he can’t even keep a roof over his family’s head!”

[Eddie] “I’m sorry you see it like that, seeing as I didn’t manage it either … if anything it was worse, at least Ed’s got somewhere nice to go!”


Will had forgotten that Eddie had lost Grange Farm first …

But that doesn’t stop him ranting.

[Will] “You can’t compared what happened to you dad. You didn’t have a rich backer … I’d die of shame if I out my family in that position.”

As Eddie points out, Oliver has nothing to do with the farm now. Ed hasn’t had a penny off of him.

And, Eddie reckons Will hasn’t a clue what it’s like to try and find rent every month, what with his house coming with the job. All Will knows is what it’s like to collect rent – and even that house (on the Green – the one that Tom and Brenda live in) was handed to him.

Which it was.

Will counters that if Ed had been willed the house, he’d have sold it and spent the money on drugs.

Eddie gets furious at the very notion Will is calling Ed a junkie. Will reckons he wasn’t far off, as he used to use crack cocaine.

[Will] “I always put my family first.”

[Eddie] “Except when it’s your brother.”

Eddie urges Will to think of George.  Does he want George to think it’s okay to treat a sibling like that? Would he want George to do the same to his brothers and sisters?

[Eddie] “And with all that., you can even spare a bit of compassion for your brother. Can you be a bit kind?”

Will starts to rant again, but Eddie tells him to shut up.

[Eddie] “You better change your attitude before Christmas, or your mum’s going to have something to say to it.”

(Will Clarrie have something to say? She’s been ever so quiet of late)

Neil’s shocked by Ed’s office

Ed’s ‘office’ is next to the bulk tank.

It’s teeny. Barely enough for a desk and chair.

I’m not sure why the size of it mattered, but can only assume it’s indicative of how Ed treats the business of his business – something to be shoved into a corner and not taken too seriously.

Neil’s then horrified to find out that Ed puts most of his costs on his credit card. And uses his Single Farm Payment to cover his credit cards.

Neil reckons the Payment is meant to cover next year’s bills. To let Ed plan ahead.

The catastrophe continues … Ed doesn’t know if the value of his milk covers his costs.

[Neil] “I think you not knowing is the root of your problem.”

[Ed] “I ought to be able to work this out for myself.”

[Neil] “Why, no one ever taught you about it  … ,lord knows where I’d be if Phil Archer hadn’t given me a helping hand when I started.”

Next step, according to Neil, is for Ed to talk to Ruth about dairy management software.

Ed will have to accept their help, like it or not.

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