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George hasn’t got a Christmas tree: Wed 12.12.12 #thearchers

The Archers Wednesday 12th December 2012
  • George now knows he won’t be home for Christmas
  • Disco in the Library!
  • Bob Pullen has bronchitis
  • Elizabeth and Ifty?
  • Ed leaves Will to Emma
  • Jill and Kenton have a secret

George now knows he won’t be home for Christmas

George was wondering why they haven’t got a Christmas tree at Rickyard.

It’s because he’s moving. But hasn’t been told as yet.

Ed and Emma decide to tell him, with Ed neatly sidestepping the problem to leave Emma to do it.

Bizarrely – Emma tells George the reason for moving is to give Keira her own room. As if George needed any new reason to feel she’s the favoured child.

But, Emma made George excited by telling him all the wonders of Susan and Neil’s (bigger room for George, Sky TV and the like).

So, now they only have to tell Will …

Disco in the Library!

Sounds fantastic.

Lucky twins!

It’s Freddie and Lilly’s 13th birthday.

They’ve got their mates over.

BUT Elizabeth forgot to cancel Freddie’s math lesson with Ifty.

Though Ifty doesn’t seem too perturbed. Though he refuses cake, he would like a wander round Deck the Halls.

Elizabeth joins him …

Bob Pullen has bronchitis

Poor Bob!

He’s now in hospital.

Though I’m sure he’ll enjoy his visits from Jill and Christine.

Though at his age, this all seems very ominous …

Elizabeth and Ifty?

They seemed very cosy as they were walking round Deck the Halls. And seemed to click from word go.

Ifty also told Elizabeth his dad died when he was 14. Something which (I don’t think) he’d even told Jim during his Borchester Life interview.

I wonder …

Ed leaves Will to Emma

What a wuss Ed is being. He leaves George to Emma, and refuses to also talk to Will. Ed just wants Will to “find out”.

Emma plays it sensibly, and approaches Nic first.

Emma can be a brave lass sometimes. She told Nic everything – the reason why they have to move.

[Nic] “Oh you poor thing. I wish you’d told me sooner.”

Nic reassures Emma that she doesn’t need to worry and Will. She’ll tell him, and make sure he behaves.

As only Nic can do!

Jill and Kenton have a secret

Kenton’s worried about the Elizabethan Christmas Extravaganza. Tickets still aren’t selling.

[Kenton] “It’s bordering on disaster, We need to take some serious action … we need to give the punters more than ‘hey nonny nonny’ and inedible food!”

Jill was quite offended at that. She’s doing the food!

But Kenton explains that he thinks the show needs to me “more fun”. Things like “piping in the potatoes”.

(oh such japers!)

We aren’t told exactly what Kenton has in mind, but he needs more Elizabethan costumes and tatties. And it’s all a secret with Jill.

Interesting …

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