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David wants to relax this Christmas: Wed 05.12.12 #thearchers

The Archers Wednesday 5th December 2012
  • Mike’s not impressed by Keith Horrobin’s sentence
  • Jamie’s good with a chipper
  • Matt takes Lilian shopping
  • Mike and Vicky learn how to bathe a doll
  • All in a name
  • David’s time off is good news for Ed
  • Ed’s pride is a bit dull

Mike’s not impressed by Keith Horrobin’s sentence

(if you don’t listen to Ambridge Extra – Keith Horrobin was sentenced to 4 years yesterday. All Ambridge Extra blog posts can be found here:

He thinks 4 years wasn’t enough.

Ed concurs, though David (one of the direct victims) thinks it’s a good and proper sentence.

[David] “Even if he does get out in two years, I’d say justice was done and Ruth feels the same. And I hope Emma feels it was worth it.”

Jamie’s good with a chipper

Reckons Mike.

He and Jamie have to spread the chippings on Home Farm land so that the shooters don’t get much on their gaiters.

(Why have gaiters if you can’t cope with mud?!?)

Matt takes Lilian shopping

Matt’s stepping up his ‘good guy’ routine.

First, he’s been cosying up to James.

Now he’s taken time off of work (!) to take Lilian shopping for the afternoon, and promises not to complain while Lilian has a proper browse (!!).

Lilian doesn’t really sound that excited about shopping with Matt.

Matt has to work very hard to convince her to buy a very expensive coat that she showed a liking for. Which isn’t very Lilian-like.

And when Vicky and Mike stumble upon her and Matt (while Lilian is still trying the expensive coast):

[Lilian] “I don’t know. I can’t seem to decide. Perhaps I need some space to decide.”

And then Lilian suggests they just wait for the sales … not Lilian type behaviour at all.

She obviously only has thoughts of her Paul …

Mike and Vicky learn how to bathe a doll

Did Mike really do absolutely nothing when Brenda and Roy were wee?

Seems so.

All in a name

Vicky likes Bethany, Angela, Claire and Daisy.

So far.

I’m sure it’ll change a few times …

Mike wasn’t too keen on Daisy (though I don’t suppose he’ll actually have much say):

[Mike] “Sounds a bit like a cow to me.”

David’s time off is good news for Ed

David asks Ed for a ‘favour’. He wants to take some proper time off over Christmas, so asks Ed if he’ll feed the Brookfield stock Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.

All paid, at holiday rates.

[David] “I know it’s a lot to ask, but it would make a heck of a difference to us.”

Good lad, David.

I don’t suppose Brookfield is that flush for cash right now, but even they can spare a few coppers in a way that lets Ed keep his pride.

Now that’s the Christmas spirit!

Ed’s pride is a bit dull

David buys Ed a pint.

He asks him how much he pays for fertiliser and concentrates.

David thinks they could save on both if Brookfield and Grange farms combined their orders.

[Ed] “I appreciate this David, but I’m not looking for charity.”


David gives Ed work over the festive time … obviously to help Ed, but that’s not charity.

David buys Ed a pint … Ed’s unlikely to be able to buy a pint back, but that’s not charity.

David suggests a plan that will save both their farms money … that’s charity?

Methinks Ed isn’t exactly thinking straight.

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