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James is out of plaster: Mon 10.12.12 #thearchers

The Archers Monday 10th December 2012
  • Lynda has a cod piece for Kenton
  • “Pink fluffy clouds everywhere”
  • James gets his plaster off
  • The witches impress Lynda
  • What’s Kenton’s cunning plan?

Lynda has a cod piece for Kenton

Kenton’s avoiding Lynda.

Even to the point where he’ll leave Jolene shorthanded at the bar so that he can go and see Freda instead of having to see Lynda …

(for goodness sake Kenton – there’s an office part in from Hollerton!)

He does still want to be Lord of Misrule at the Elizabethan Christmas Extravaganza, but:

[Kenton] “I don’t have time to hang around while Lynda tells me exactly how to do it.”

[Jolene] “Well, she is in charge.”

Well, he can’t stay hidden forever. Lynda goes through The Bull’s kitchens to catch him.

All Lynda wanted to talk about was what Kenton was going to say as Lord of Misrule

[Lynda] “All we need are a few light-hearted remarks.”

[Kenton] “What’s your definition of light-hearted?”

[Lynda] “Lively. Amusing, cheeky … without lapsing into bad taste, of course, we’ve got enough bad taste coming from Jazzer.”

In fact, Lynda has already written a script for Kenton. She’s even printed it out for him.

Kenton’s not entirely amused. He thinks he’s more than capable of scripting himself.

[Kenton] “I want it to be like the real thing, something your average Elizabethan punter would recognise as their own.”

Lynda appreciates Kenton looking for authenticity. Which may give him some wiggle room.

On the topic of authenticity, Lynda has even bought Kenton a cod piece.

Not sure that’s appropriate. But it’s definitely worth a *shudder* moment.

“Pink fluffy clouds everywhere”

Is what Kenton reckons Rhys and Fallon are creating.

They seem to be very (very) happy together.

Will Jolene need a new hat anytime soon?

My money is on a baby appearing first … and not on purpose.

James gets his plaster off

Matt was ever so happy as James went to hospital to get his plaster removed.

[Matt] “Still, you’ll soon to be skipping round like the rest of us.”

When James came back sans plaster, he gave Matt the bad news that he’ll still have to wear a brace and bandages,.

[Matt] “So how long before you’re up and running, so to speak?”

A month.

You could actually hear Matt’s heart shrink and jaw drop.

BUT, James has arranged to carry on his treatment back home, in London.

[James] “My clients need to know I’m back in da hood again.”

(ugh! What a numpty that lad is)

James shall depart on Thursday. Which is superb news for Matt, but also superb news for Lilian.

She’ll be able to get away more often to see Paul …

The witches impress Lynda

Wonders will never cease.

[Lynda] “And as for our three witches, forget about sinister, they were absolutely chilling … I came out in goosebumps all over …”

A compliment from Lynda. They must be good!

However, there is a but:

[Lynda] “ Ruth still has a tendency to cackle if I don’t remind her …”

[Kenton] “Aren’t witches supposed to cackle?”

Indeed they are.

Especially when played by Ruth Archer.

What’s Kenton’s cunning plan?

Seems tickets for the Elizabethan Christmas Extravaganza aren’t selling very well.

Kenton has a plan.

But he doesn’t tell us what it is.

I hope it’s a good one. It really wouldn’t be cricket to play around with Lynda’s Christmas play …

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