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Christmas Day 2012 in Ambridge: Tues 25.12.12 #thearchers

The Archers Tuesday 25th December 2012
  • Rhys got Fallon rugby tickets
  • The Archers gather at Home Farm
  • Did Jazzer have two Christmas lunches?
  • Lilian needs to learn how to fib
  • Alice says “innit”
  • Peggy wants to go to Whitby
  • Lower Loxley’s Christmas seemed very brief
  • “Now it’s time for the famous Bull Christmas sing song”

Rhys got Fallon rugby tickets

Fallon got Rhys a sports watch (with all the trimmings). As he kissed her:

[Rhys] “Ah, look at that, hearty rate function off the scale!”

Rhys got Fallon a CD. And ticket to the 6 Nations in Cardiff.

[Rhys] “I did say when you took me on, love me, love my team!”

Just when we though Rhys was a complete amateur with women (who don’t like rugby), he gives Fallon another box. With a smaller box in that. Then an envelope. Which has a photo of Cardiff Bay in it, with an arrow pointing to a hotel.

That’s the hotel they’ll be staying in for the whole weekend – double deluxe room, sauna, spa and hair. Though Fallon does have to suffer the rugby, the hotel is a treat she’ll adore.

[Fallon] “Okay, you win, I love your team!

Good lad, Rhys.

The Archers gather at Home Farm

(the Peggy side of the clan. The Jill side are at Lower Loxley. Who we don’t hear from today)

Matt wakes Lilian up at 10am (that’s very late for Christmas day, though they are jetlagged):

[Matt] “You’ve got nothing to do today but sit at Home Farm and look gorgeous.”

At Home Farm, Alice passes round mini hamburgers, hot dogs and  devils on horseback.

[Lilian] “I suppose bacon and prunes would do for breakfast!”

The only other highlights of the day at Home Farm was Sipo in a Christmas costume on Skype, and The Queen.

[Peggy] “I do like to see The Queen”


Did Jazzer have two Christmas lunches?

Jazzer’s off to his mum’s for Christmas, but first needs to dull his sense with a few pints at The Bull. The first of which he demands is free …

When he gets back to The Bull later on, he’s actually had not too bad a time. Seems his brother Stu brought a new girlfriend, who he couldn’t stop arguing with.

[Jazzer] “It was great. I could just sit back and enjoy the show … Best you can hope for wae a dysfunctional family of mine.”

Jazzer wishes aloud that he could experience a “real Christmas” at least one time …

… which is aimed at Kenton, and Kenton bites. He invites Jazzer to Lower Loxley. Kenton reckons it’ll be fine as Jazzer lives with Jim. I’m not sure Elizabeth would be as reasonable when she finds she as one extra for lunch (though we never got to find out).

[Jazzer] “Kenton, you’re my Christmas angel!”

Wonder if Jazzer will be crawling along the road with a rather full belly, a la Vicar of Dibley.

Lilian needs to learn how to fib

When Matt mentioned to Peggy that Jennifer had been texting constantly while they were in New York, Peggy reckoned not.

Jennifer would have mentioned it.

And when her phone goes again later on the day, she claims it’s James. Who Matt knows has already called.

Lilian better brush up on her lying skills. It’s wee slip ups like that which will catch her out.

Alice says “innit”

Alice reckons Jim should interview Chris next for Borchester Life.

[Alice] “It’s free advertising, innit.”


Such vulgarity and faux ‘street’ slang.

Way beneath you.

Peggy wants to go to Whitby

Peggy used to have her and Jack’s anniversary to look forward to just after Christmas.

But with Jack ‘At The Laurels’, she’ll be alone again this year.

Lilian suggests she and Peggy so somewhere nice - St Lucia, as Peggy and Jack did for their  honeymoon.

But Peggy has other ideas:

[Peggy] “Whitby … well weather isn’t everything.”

I do adore our Peggy!

Lower Loxley’s Christmas seemed very brief

Kenton and Jazzer were back home in no time.

“Now it’s time for the famous Bull Christmas sing song”

Claimed Kenton, when he got back to The Bull.

(Bull Christmas sing song. Since when?)

The Bull demands Jazzer starts them off.

“Have yourself a merry little Christmas”


How lovely.

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