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The Ambridge Christmas Lights are Switched on: Thurs 06.12.12 #thearchers

The Archers Thursday 6th December 2012
  • Kenton’s being serious
  • Elizabeth’s bank wants her to take on a £70,000 debt
  • Ifty used to steal crisps to give to the homeless

Kenton’s being serious

He’s checking every house around the green: that they have working bulbs, that each resident will be in tonight, and that they’ll be ready and willing to turn them on.

And it all goes perfectly, thanks to Kenton’s uncustomary attention to detail.

[Kenton] “I won’t keep you on the dark any longer. The time has come for us to lighten up, switch up and get into the Christmas spirit!”

Kenton’s taking is role as Lord of Misrule in the Elizabethan Christmas Extravaganza just as seriously:

[Kenton] “I suppose you could say my whole life has been a preparation for an occasion like this.”

Elizabeth’s bank wants her to take on a £70,000 debt

Elizabeth’s showing her bank’s commercial manager round the dairy.

She plans to build 10 rooms for weddings; he’s worried she’s missing a trick. He reckons she should build enough rooms to be able to offer accommodation for their (already successful) conferences. This bank chap is far more taken with conferences over weddings.

[Bank chap] “You’ll still have most of your eggs in one small basket.”

So he asks for more figures and business plans, though reckons Elizabeth would need to borrow at least £70,000.


That’s a bit of a gamble.

Ifty used to steal crisps to give to the homeless

Want to know more about Ifty?

Lucky you, if you did.

We got to eavesdrop in on Jim interviewing Ifty for Borchester Life magazine.

So …

… Ifty’s dad owns a chain of shop with his uncle, and other family members. They have half a dozen. Ifty’s dad was the first in their street to have a satellite dish.

Ifty is the youngest of 4, has 3 cousins living next door, and so comes from a “close and loving” family.

But, Ifty is a rebel …

[Ifty] “I pinched crisps and tuna from the shop and gave it out to the homeless people by the bus station … then I was overcome with guilt and sneaked the money into the till.”

Ifty also rebelled by not going in to the family business. He instead went to Uni, did maths and business, then went into teaching.

[Ifty] “It’s not that I didn’t want to be rich …”

Seems Ifty had done youth work before he become a teachers, and got a lot of work with youngsters, specially “young Asians who had gone off the rail”.

The most potentially interesting bit, that Jim unfortunately didn’t push Ifty to tell him more about his love life. Ifty got away with a more mention of a number of “near misses.”

So – Ifty sounds like a very decent chap indeed.

Too good to be true … ?

Elizabeth would have to pay back over 70k a year.

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