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Keith Horrobin is sentenced: Tues 04.12.12 #ambridgeextra

Ambridge Extra Tuesday 4th December 2012
  • Here we go again!
  • Donna thinks Keith will be coming home
  • Tracey still hasn't forgiven Emma
  • Did Emma need stitches?
  • Keith gets 4 years
  • Tracey Vs Emma
  • Tracey gets drunk
  • Donna gets taken for a fool

Here we go again!

Welcome back Ambridge Extra … we hope it’s a welcome we’re authentic about after hearing it …

Donna thinks Keith will be coming home

[Tracey] “There’s an awful lot of party food in the fridge Donna, you don’t think he’s going to …”

Donna’s even got “jungle red” nail varnish on.

(it’s the first time we’ve heard Keith’s wife Donna speak. She sounds a bit of a simpering fool)

Seems everyone is hoping the psychological report of Keith will help reduce his sentence.

[Tracey] “You shouldn’t get your hopes up. You don’t get off for arson.”

Tracey still hasn't forgiven Emma

Though Tracey does seem to have finally accepted that Keith is guilty as charged.

[Tracey] “He really did it. You think you know someone …”

But that doesn’t change what she think of Emma.

[Tracey] “You never shop family, something that Emma should remember.”

Did Emma need stitches?

She cut herself on something before rushing off to court.

Kirsty though it needed stitches.

But Emma didn’t mention the cut again.

Odd of them to both mention it in the first place …

Keith gets 4 years

Though Keith has been a good lad since he was arrested, including pleading guilty and giving the names of the gang to the police, the judge can't ignore that he puts folks life in danger. Including George.

[Tracey] "What’s going on about George for? He’s alright."

(guess Tracey won't be winning any 'best great aunty awards anysitm soon!)

Keith gets 4 years, 2 in prison, two on licence.

Tracey spots Emma:

[Tracey] "She’s got something to do with this"

Tracey Vs Emma

[Emma] "Uncle Keith was always such a simple bloke, and now this"

Emma doesn't think 4 years is enough, considering. Even she reckons Keith was cajoled.

[Emma] "Then again it is Keith. Stupid Keith. He’s just so gullible"

[Tracey] "Oh. You., Emma flipping Grundy."

Tracey blames Emma for Keith bing sentenced to 4 years. Emma blames Tracey and Keith for the now obviously distraught Donna.

[Emma] "Donna is owed an apology. By Keith, and you"

When Emma tells Tracey she thinks Keith didn't get long enough:

[Tracey] "Do you think he’s going to be tucked up in a comfy cell on his own, with his teddy and his pyjamas?"

Indeed not! He'll be sharing  a room, and onc they find out he's a grass ...

[Tracey] "They're going to give him a big welcome … "

[Emma] "You’re a classic Horrobin, just so convinced that your actions are the right ones, that you know best all the time. All I can say is thank god I'm Grundy."

Tracey gets drunk

At Jaxx, bending poor Kirsty's ear.

 Tracey is disgusted that Susan wasn't at the sentencing. She feels very alone, trying to deal with Keith and Donna, while living with and looking after her dad and Gary.

[Tracey] "I should go. You don’t want some sad woman at your bar"


Donna gets taken for a fool

Tracey gets home, alone (apart from their dog Poochy) to find that her and Keith's mortgage i  2 months behind.

Bu fortune is smiling on her. A nice chap calls round, saying her's from nan Independent Financial Company ...

...he'd been round earlier on when Donna was out, reckoning this would be a good place to start "borrowing".

Sounds Like a loan shark, but I don't suppose Donna would have the sense to spot that.

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