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Paul asks Lilian to run away to Dubai: Thurs 27.12.12 #thearchers

The Archers Thursday 27 December 2012
  • Matt’s finding Christmas a tad dull
  • Pat Fletcher’s still squeezing herself into a bodice
  • Kirsty and Fallon don’t kiss
  • Lynda and Lilian face off
  • Just get on a plane …
  • There’s little excitement about tomorrow
  • Lilian makes a booking

Matt’s finding Christmas a tad dull

[Matt] “What are you doing … I’m bored. Do you want to go for a walk?”

Lilian says no.

Matt even offers to take Lilian shopping again, to get that coat she’d tried on in Borchester.

[Lilian] “No. It’s very sweet of you. But no, thank you, really.”

[Matt] “It’s no good. I just don’t do down time.”

I would feel sorry for Matt – he is trying – but he’s brought a lot of this on himself. While I don’t condone cheating, I also don’t condone treating your partner like a mug for years and years and years …

Course, Lilian doesn’t want to go anywhere with Matt as she wants time to herself to call Paul.

Pat Fletcher’s still squeezing herself into a bodice

(for the Elizabethan Christmas Extravaganza)

Seems her costume is so tight that Kirsty and Fallon are worried she won’t be able to sing.

A picture of that would be quite fascinating …

Seems that’s not the only problem:

[Fallon] “Pat Fletcher’s got this weird  swaying thing that she does.”

[Kirsty] “Like something from a gospel choir. Lynda’s got Molly skipping round in a  rip off of the film.”

Hey Nonny Nonny never sounded so intriguing.

Kirsty and Fallon don’t kiss

Rhys can’t make rehearsal, so Fallon and Kirsty rehearse his and Fallon’s love scene instead.

Though they skip the kiss at the end.

Lynda and Lilian face off

Lynda’s furious that Lilian missed the last rehearsal (while she was in New York). Of special note was that Lilian was due to have her costume fitted.

[Lynda] “As of now, the special privileges you have been claiming need to stop.”

Lynda seems to think that Lilian seems to think (!) that she can do as she pleases, because James is in a relationship with Leonie.

[Lilian] “For heaven’s sake Lynda, it’s a winceyette nightie off the market not a Karl Lagerfeld catwalk!”

Lynda’s really hit a nerve:

[Lilian] “If I can get my hands on some gall of goat and slips of yew right now I’d made this would production, not this whole village, disappear. Got it!”

Oh dear! Lilian really isn’t a happy bunny.

Just get on a plane …
Lilian finally gets to speak to Paul.

She says she’s feeling cooped up. Matt’s around 24/7. She wants to just get away from everyone and everything.

(don’t we all feel like that after being trapped with our nearest and dearest over the festive season?)

[Paul] “There’s plenty of flights to Dubai …”

[Lilian] “You're not serious?”

[Paul] “Try me”

Paul reckons they could stay with his sister, or in a hotel.

Goodness me!

What a  choice.

A Matt driving himself mad with nothing to do, or Paul in Dubai.

There’s little excitement about tomorrow

[Lynda] “I look forward to a truly uplifting evening tomorrow.”

Seems Lynda is the only one.

[Fallon] “It was all okay, it was just a bit flat. Nothing like the usual panto atmosphere.”

[Kenton] “Even with my witty banter?”

Not really.

Oh dear.

I hope Lynda is the only one clapping at the end.

Lilian makes a booking

When Lilian gets home after rehearsal, Matt’s hassling her to go away again.

(two men in one day – lucky lady!)

But they can’t. Lilian’s already committed them to going with Brian and Jennifer to Lower Loxley for New Year.

[Matt] “Uh, New Year with Jennifer and Brian. With any luck I’ll be dead of inertia boredom by then.”

Lilian snaps at him for moaning.

Matt storms off the bed.

Lilian picks up the phone, and asks to make a booking …

… is this Lilian going to Dubai?

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