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Donna gets intimate with Clive: Tues 18.12.12 #ambridgeextra

Ambridge Extra Tuesday 18 December 2012
  • Keith tripped
  • Clive takes advantage
  • Tracey loses her job
  • At least Bert walks Poochy
  • Donna chooses Clive over Keith
  • Clive comforts Donna

Keith tripped

Or at least that’s what he’s telling everyone.

We got the joy (not!) of listening in to Keith getting beaten up

When a prison officer fins him:

[Officer] “Look, lad, you’re showing yourself up”.

The officer tells Keith that he has to buck up. He can’t show he’s weak. He must be respectful, but not humble. He needs to join courses, never look at his feet, don’t tell anyone about himself, keep busy and keep out of trouble.

[Officer] “You’ve a long road ahead of you.”

Am I being daft in thinking that Clive could ask to be put on the special wing, away from general prisoners?

It would mean living with some very undesirable others – but isn’t that preferable to being beaten up for being a grass … for 2 long years …?

Clive takes advantage

Well, we all knew this was coming.

Clive’s brought Donna roses.

Clive reckons he’s dumped Jackie.

(who mist not have existed in the first place)

Clive also brought Donna truffles.

And is going to fix her boiler.

[Clive] “Keith will see me right, when he gets out.”

(I bet he will!)

[Donna] “Oh Clive, thank you so much.”

[Clive] “I said I’d help you out, and I meant it. I’m a man of me word, me.”

Clive then tells her that he’s taking her out for a meal that evening.

[Clive] “It’d be nice to have such interesting company, and even better when it comes in such an attractive package … You’re a lovely woman Donna. I always said so … if I had a sweet woman like you, I’d have never got myself banged up. My brother is such an idiot.”

Clive then gives her money to get her nails and hair done, and also tells her what dress to wear.

[Clive] “The one you wore to mum’s funeral. You looked a cracker in that.”

(On. My. Word. There’s so much wrong with that, I don’t know where to begin)

Tracey loses her job

As if Bert making his trellis on the kitchen table isn’t a frustration enough (Bert claims it’s too cold out), Tracey has also been told she won’t be needed back at the school. She was only on a monthly contract and though they have still offered her a formal hearing, Tracey won’t suffer it.

[Tracey] “Oh what’s the point. They got it in for me there anyway, they can stick their job. … All I wanted was a nice Christmas for everybody, why should that be too much to ask?”

Tracey has a point that it would have been far more fair to tell Tracey after the Christmas break that her services were no longer required, but I don’t suppose they can have folks who use ‘excessive force’ on kids working in the school.

At least Bert walks Poochy

At least someone is treating that dog well, other than giving it cuddles.

What type of dog do we think Poochy is?

Donna makes her (him?) sounds like a wee yappy type thing, but Poochy has quite a butch bark.

Donna chooses Clive over Keith

Donna was due to see Keith with Tracey, but calls Tracey (while outing on a cough) to say she’s too ill.

[Tracey] “You don’t sound to me like you’re at death’s door.”

Well spotted Tracey.

Donna’s off out with Clive.

Tracey covers for Donna when she sees Keith. Obviously for Keith’s sake, rather than Donna’s.

Keith’s very upset about not seeing Donna. He’d also called their house earlier on, but only got Bert.

Seems some of the other prisoners have been winding him up about how wives don’t always stay faithful …

Clive comforts Donna

Donna’s about to send Clive a text.

She’s not sure whether to end it with a kiss.

She decides to do so.

The giggles.

What a silly, silly woman …

Anyhoo, when Clive picks Donna up, he also gives her a necklace to go with her dress.

[Clive] “You need somebody who knows how to treat a lady.”

He kisses her.

Donna kisses back.

[Donna] “Oh, that wasn’t supposed to happen.”

[Clive] “No. You sure … we all need some comfort sometimes …Donna, you know I;m attracted to you, I think you are to me too … you are so hard to resist … And I won’t tell if you don’t.”

And off to bed they go.


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