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Donna escapes Clive: Tues 25.12.12 #ambridgeextra

Ambridge Extra Tuesday 25th December 2012
  • I think it’s boxing day?
  • Clive answers Donna’s phone to Keith
  • Donna drugs Clive
  • Keith looks awful
  • Tracey has a heart

I think it’s boxing day?

Hard to tell in in Ambridge Extra land.

Clive answers Donna’s phone to Keith

[Keith] “What are you doing in our house?!?”

Clive claims he’s fixing a tap.

Then hangs up on Keith, and doesn’t tell Donna she’s called.


Donna drugs Clive
Clive had let himself to Donna’s. He then demanded to know where she’d been, and where she was off to this afternoon. He stakes her handbag, including her visiting order to see Keith this afternoon. He’ll give them back:

[Chris] “When I’m ready. Til then,. You’re going nowhere.”


Clive then wants to watch a film, but Donna can’t find Poochy.

Clive’s tied Poochy up in the garden.


Clive then demands a cup of tea.

Which Donna promptly drugs with pills.

[Donna] “Enough to knock out a horse.”


Not such a  Daft Donna after all.

Keith looks awful

Tracey was in seeing Keith, and he sounded a bit muffled at first.

Turns out he had his hand over his mouth to try and hide the fact he’d ‘lost’ a tooth.

H also hasn’t shaved, and has lost weight.

[Tracey] “So you’ve given up on yourself, have you?”

Sounds like it.

But the gang that’s beating him up every day also won’t be helping. When we hear Keith trying to settle down for the night later on, it’s to calls of “we’re going to get you, Horrobin!”

Keith’s more worried about Donna than himself. He hasn’t been able to speak to her for 2 weeks, and he’s not at all amused that Clive’s at his house. Keith’s worried Tracey told Clive about the loan shark, and Clive’s there to see him off.

(which I suppose could be a good and a bad thing)

But Keith suspects there’s more to it.

[Keith] “It’s killing me, this not knowing. Has she left me Tracey?”

Tracey comes good, and covers for Donna. She says Donna can’t cope with seeing Keith in prison.

But then, Donna turns up. And bless Keith – he notices she’s changed her hair (it must be love!).

Donna’s about to tell Keith about Clive, but Keith tells her first that she’s all that gives him hope. So she keeps stum.


Tracey has a heart

After their visit with Keith.

[Tracey] “It’s a good job we’re in a public place as my hand is itching to slap your face!”

Tracey starts shouting at Donna. Donna starts crying. Tracey realises there’s more to this horrible situation with Clive.

[Tracey] “I know I’ve got a big gob, but I’ve been known to shut up once in a  while and listen.”

Donna tells Tracey about drugging Clive.

[Donna] “He terrifies me.”

Seems Donna genuinely thought Clive was just loaning her the money (Daft Donna!):

[Donna] “It was the house and me he wanted.”

Donna reckons she was just so alone, so desperate that someone taking charge and looking after her made her feel safe. Course, Clive want repayment in kinds …

[Tracey] “He’d do that to his own brother. I don’t believe it … right! …”

Tracey tells Donna to stay the night while she works out what to do.

Though that means leaving Poochy alone, possibly with Clive.

Will no-one think of the dog?

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