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Donna goes for a drink with Clive: Tues 11.12.12 #ambridgeextra

Ambridge Extra Tuesday 11th December 2012
  • Donna has financial woes
  • Tracey’s up in front of the head
  • Bert still wants to go to Susan’s
  • Tracey goes shopping
  • Keith got soap
  • Bert’s rambling
  • Tracey won’t help Donna
  • Clive’s there for Donna

Donna has financial woes

The bloke from the ‘Independent Financial Company’ is round hassling Donna for a repayment.

Daft woman took a loan from him.

[Loan bloke] “It’s a payday loan, today I get paid.”

When Donna tells him she hasn’t got the money on her, he forces her into his car to go to a cash machine.

Seems Donna owes the chap £540, but as she can’t make her full repayment today, he’ll take £200  and add on steeper interest. Once he’s got his money, he also refuses to take Donna back home.

[Loan bloke] “I’ll be back next Tuesday Donna. Merry Christmas.”

What a silly woman is that Donna.

When she’s later in seeing Keith, he tells her to tell Tracey about the loan shark. He also tries to help with the other bills, but the guards won’t let Donna show him. They take the paperwork away, and take Keith away from a strip search.

A tad overkill, but surely Donna can cope with paying bills herself – or even be capable of understanding a bill on her tod.

What can Keith do about it from prison?

Right enough, when Keith later on tries to call the electricity company to deal with the bill, he finds he can’t. Every number he wants to call must be on his cleared list. It’ll take until well after Christmas for the number to be approved.

Maybe Tracey can help ….

Tracey’s up in front of the head

It’s been established that Tracey was asleep while supposed to be supervising the kids, so she has to go to a hearing.


Anyone else reckon Tracey will soon be claiming the dole again?

Bert still wants to go to Susan’s

Bert’s obviously worried about the quality of the Christmas dinner on offer at Tracey’s. She’s even had to get a  frozen turkey, after missing out on all of the Grundy turkeys.

He reckons it’s stupid putting Tracey to such bother when Susan is already cooking.

[Bert] “It’s such a vexation for you. Susan likes cooking …”

Bert nearly (just nearly) said that Susan was a better cook, when pointing out that she does all the proper trimmings.

Of course, Tracey does not concur.

[Tracey] “All that fuss over chucking a turkey into an oven for a few hours, and boiling up loads of sprouts … she always did think she was a cut above …”

Though as Tracey said that, she also put two bags of sprouts on her shopping list.

Later on, Bert realises Tracey’s making a real effort, and drops all talk of going to Susan’s.


I doubt Emma and Tracey could have sat at the same table without coming to blows.

Tracey goes shopping

Though Bert reckons he doesn’t need anything, Tracey wants to get him a treat.

She’s also getting presents for Emma’s kids.

[Tracey] “It’s not their fault if their mother is a cold callous backstabber, is it?”

And while she’s there, she gets tablets for both of her kids.

Has Tracey got that sort of money to start off with?

Keith got soap

Donna’s visiting Keith. She’s not enjoying the experience. Some chap keeps staring at her.

[Donna] “The bloke with the two fingers tattooed on the back of his head.”

The chap is talking to a woman who is likewise staring at Donna and Keith.

[Donna] “I don’t like the look of her. Very common.”


Keith tells Donna the chap is from the gang. Who Keith grassed up. So are therefore not impressed with Keith.

Still, it’s not all bad for Keith. He tells Donna he managed to get a bar of soap.

[Tracey] “Last time I spoke to him he was trying to trade his cereal for some.”

What a life …

… course, it’s how own fault for setting fire to Brookfield’s barn.

Bert’s rambling

He’s been out fixing up a willow trellis for a climbing rose. In memory of the Nat King Cole song. In memory of Ivy.

Seems they met on a youth club ramble.

[Tracey] “It’s you that’s rambling.”

Tracey won’t help Donna

Donna takes Keith’s advice, and talks to Tracey about her money problems.

But Tracey won’t help.

Not. At. All.

She reckons she hardly has any money herself (true) and that Donna shouldn’t be worrying Keith with money problems (slightly true).

Donna reckons it’s Keith’s fault they’re in this mess.

[Tracey] “You’re sat there with a designer handbag and gold wrapped around your neck.”

Actually, Tracey gets quite aggressive at Donna. She’s obviously been annoyed with Donna for a few decades or so.

[Tracey] “You’ve had it easy all these years, Keith’s treated you like a princess.”

So. Keith can’t help. Tracey won’t help.

Who can Donna turn to?

Clive’s there for Donna

Donna goes out for a drink with Clive.

She’s feeling very sorry for herself. Very put upon, alone and now reckons Keith never had any time for her.

(she’s obviously never noticed he was out and about trying to keep her in the lifestyle she was accustomed. By legal and illegal means).

[Clive] “Think of me as your own personal shoulder to cry on.”

Oh dear …

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