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Rhys and Fallon double date Kirsty and Ifty: Tues 11.12.12 #thearchers

The Archers Tuesday 11th December 2012
  • Double dating has rules
  • Elizabeth asks David about the dairy conversion
  • What to buy a new girlfriend?

Double dating has rules

Nothing dubious though – just an all-out ban on Ifty and Rhys talking about sport. Or anyone mentioning Shakespeare.

(are Rhys and Fallon tiring of the Elizabethan Christmas Extravaganza? Surely not …)

[Ifty] “Are they worried we might break out into spontaneous soliloquys?”

The boys are worried that without sport, they’ll have little else to talk about.

Neither know what else there is to talk about without sport

Elizabeth asks David about the dairy conversion
What on earth will he know about it?

I know Elizabeth is trying to make up for not talking to David for a fair while – but let’s be sensible!

Anyhoo – Elizabeth talks weddings and conferences. Fundamentally, a small or big conversion.

Elizabeth’s very much sold on going for the weddings, though David is shocked at the work (and expensive) they’ll have to do just to increase up to 25 weddings a year. Even with more specialist weddings like “green” and “Asian”.

To be fair to David, Elizabeth just really wanted a sounding board.

[Elizabeth] “It’s just nice to be share it without someone close. Someone who is on my side.”

(sorry … why isn’t Lewis considered close or on her side?)

What to buy a new girlfriend?


Ifty’s worried he’s bought Kirsty too much. Which could make him seem too keen.

At first, Rhys wouldn’t say what he’s bought Fallon for Christmas. Then he admits that he’s bought Fallon a voucher for an album.

Which might make him seen not keen at all.

[Ifty] “It’s a total cop put. Only total losers give vouchers. Trust me, I know women, she won’t respect you for it. You need to be bold. You need to choose an album for her.”

[Rhys] “Okay, but she’s into all these super cool super bands I’ve never heard of from Leeds and Morecombe.”

(eh?  Leeds and Morecombe???)

BUT Rhys then remembers Fallon liked an Ella Fitzgerald Christmas song.

So he’ll get her that.

One song?

Is that enough?!?

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