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Everyone wants Tom’s hampers: Mon 03.12.12 #thearchers

The Archers Monday 3rd December 2012
  • Tom’s still moaning about milking
  • Leonie wants to borrow a stamp
  • Emma’s going to court
  • George’s Big Adventure
  • Is a lack of supply good for the brand?
  • Matt’s bonding with James
  • Paul and Lilian miss each other

Tom’s still moaning about milking

He slept through the alarm today, and is very grumpy. He reckons he shouldn’t have to do the milking 5 times a week when he’s so busy with his ready meals and hampers.

Aye – HIS ready meals and hampers.

Pat, Tony and Helen (where is Helen and Henry, by the way?) don’t profit from it, so why should Tom get out of the work that keeps Bridge Farm – where he keeps his pigs – running?

Tom is as Tom does.

Leonie wants to borrow a stamp

Well, a couple dozen. From Lynda.

Lazy wee madam! The shop is only a short walk away.

Emma’s going to court

Tomorrow, to see Keith get sent down.

She wants to be there to show she’s not ashamed at having told the Police she’d seen Keith running away from the Brookfield Barn fire.

George’s Big Adventure

Emma and Ed still haven’t told George he’s moving.

Emma’s panicked that he’ll not be  a happy chappy about it. It’s the only home he’s ever had that he remembers.

(well, that and Will’s house)

[Ruth] “Maybe you could make it sound like a bit of an adventure … maybe not …”

Well, as Emma points out to herself, moving to Neil and Susan’s will have massive plus points for George.

He’ll have a bigger bedroom. And they have a widescreen TV, AND Sky.

What more could a wee lad want?

Is a lack of supply good for the brand?

Brenda reckons so.

She really does talk nonsense …

Tom’s just had an order in for 4 dozen hampers, which he can’t fulfil in time for Christmas.

Brenda reckons that’s okay, as not having enough to supply leaves “them hungry now, and will be back for more).

What piffle.

They’ll just go somewhere else, forgetting the Tom Archer’s brand completely.

Matt’s bonding with James

Over a Golf technique DVD.

Leonie wants to bond with Lilian over a rom com DVD, but luckily Lilian has to answer her phone …

Paul and Lilian miss each other

Lilian answers her phone.

[Lilian] “Paul, darling!”

He’s thinking of her. She’s thinking of him.

Paul claims he can’t get away soon to see Lilian – some job has gone wrong. (is that true? I’m still not 100% sure about Paul).

[Paul] “Oh my love, I so want to be with you … I’ll just have to try and be patient … til the next time. Thinking of you.”

Matt stands no chance at this rate.

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