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Lilian and Paul love each other: Fri 21.12.12 #thearchers

The Archers Friday 21 December 2012
  • Love is in the air
  • Tracey doesn’t entice sympathy
  • Ed and Emma move in with Neil and Susan
  • A warm welcome at the Carters house for Santa
  • Matt whisks Lilian away to New York

Love is in the air

Lilian is already back on the phone to Paul already. It’ll be the last time until he leaves for Dubai to spend Christmas with his sister.

Before they ring off, they both say they love each other.

This is serious …

Tracey doesn’t entice sympathy

Tracey’s told Susan she didn’t get the restaurant job.

[Susan] “I know Tracey’s not having much luck at the moment, but things might go better if she didn’t moan so much.”

Harsh. But then again. Tracey doesn’t seem to have much sympathy for Bert and his sprained wrist.

Neil and Susan hope he’s managing, but I wonder why they don't just pop round. He really doesn’t live that far away.

Ed and Emma move in with Neil and Susan

Neil and Susan have made a real effort to make Ed and Emma feel at home. They’ve even redone a whole room, just for George.

Though it’s also a worrying time for Susan. She still remembers Ed and Emma (and a tiny George) having to live in that caravan.

[Susan] “I suppose it brings back bad memories for me … they were only there because Ed couldn’t provide anything better for them.”

Neil reckons Ed has done good enough for himself since then. Susan isn’t as convinced.

Emma’s just as unconvinced that this move is going to be good for George.

[Emma] “He’s had a lot of homes in his little life. Not to mention Will’s two nights a week.”

But Ed reckons he’ll be fine. All this moving will mean George is good at packing.

Emma’s actually feeling quite positive about the move. Ed’s obviously feeling a tad despondent, but promises that Emma will never have to go to the food bank again.
[Ed] “I will do everything I can to make sure all this is only temporary.”

[Emma] “I’ve got you Ed. I love you, more than anything.”

When they’re moved, George is beyond happy with his room. Susan and Neil have even bought them a football duvet cover.

Emma insists she’ll help with the shopping, cleaning, cooking, washing and will contribute to housekeeping (Susan can’t believe how much time she’ll have on her hands), and Ed wants to pay rent and contribute to bills.

Neil won’t hear of them paying a penny.

[Neil] “That’s just daft …You work hard Ed. You’ve had a really tough time. And we’re going to help you through.”

Thoroughly decent chap, that Neil.

A warm welcome at the Carters house for Santa

Santa has been told of George’s new address.

Neil’s cleared a space on the patio for Santa and his reindeer to park.

And Susan has carrots in.

[George] “It’s going to be the best Christmas ever!”

Matt whisks Lilian away to New York

Matt had told Lilian he had organised a surprise.

He’s taking her to New York for the week.

[Matt] “I should burst into song really; we’re going to New York Pusscat!”

Boy, he really is trying.

But, somehow, I don’t think flashing the cash is going to dig Matt out of this one.

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