Sunday, 30 December 2012

Tiger and Pusscat in New York: Sun 23.12.12 #thearchers

The Archers Sunday 23rd December 2012
  • An Empire State Building of pancakes
  • Emma’s moving the mugs
  • A thought for Keith at Christmas?
  • Does Jennifer keep texting?
  • The brawn’s being prepared
  • Lynda sucks the life out of Jim
  • Pat Fletcher in a bodice … my word!

An Empire State Building of pancakes

Was what Lilian and Matt were having in New York.


[Lilian] “With a Niagara of maple syrup.”

Double yum!

Emma’s moving the mugs

To make it easier in the kitchen.

Steady on …

A thought for Keith at Christmas?

Will Emma soften towards Keith, now that he’s inside over Christmas?

No. She won’t.

[Emma] “Still, it’s being than being burnt alive.”

Does Jennifer keep texting?

Lilian’s mobile keeps making noises with all the texts she’s getting. From Paul.

She tells Matt it’s just Jennifer being incredibly jealous.

So she ignores them.

As Lilian’s phone cheeps merrily away, she snuggles up to Matt while taking a carriage ride round Central Park.

They then have a skate at the Rockefeller Ice Rink.

As Lilian remarks, it’s a far cry from the ice rink she used to go to in Birmingham. (though Lilian should remember that they’re in New York actually on her money …)

And still he mobile makes text noises.

Has the woman no shame?

Actually, I couldn’t care less.

Matt’s been awful to Lilian for such a long time that it matters not a jot if she’s now using him.

The brawn’s being prepared
This really will have to be an exemplary dish of brawn (at the Elizabethan Christmas Extravaganza). Ambridge seems to have been buzzing about it for months!

It’s now being worked on in the Community Village kitchen. Marinating, one presumes.

[Jim] “It sounds like they’re wrestling an entire pig into the oven.”

And it seems Neville Both is on the cutlets … which is odd. Did I just hear that wrong?

Lynda sucks the life out of Jim

(my word … that could leave a very nasty rash indeed!)

Jim’s practising his soliloquy.

[Lynda] “Jim, I can’t have you dropping your voice like that … On every Honourable Man.”

Lynda’s close directorial approach isn’t exactly to Jim’s liking:

[Jim] “She has literally sucked the life out of my performance.”

In stark contrast, Kenton seems to be flourishing ‘under’ Lynda.

[Kenton] “Scarlett Pimpernel, in reverse, me.”

Lynda’s very impressed indeed that Kenton’s there to watch every act, seemingly to make sure he gets the Lord of Misrule’s introductions bang on.

Such behaviour does not impress Jim:

[Jim] “Toady … Sycophant … Crawler.”


Pat Fletcher in a bodice … my word!

Susan’s in charge of the costumes for the Extravaganza.

She’s bought  £2.99 gowns from the market to make into witches:

[Susan] “I'm going to have my hands full getting Pat Fletcher into a bodice …”

[Emma] “Literally!”

Though Susan does draw the line at putting Jim into his toga. He can most definitely do that himself.


caroline_venezia said...

I don't know if it's a regional thing, but having grown up (in Lincolnshire) with brawn, I find it odd that everyone in Ambridge seems totally unfamilar with it. DH at least knew of it, in south Wales, although it was just something his gran ate. How about you, Inga?

Mm, I could quite fancy some now...

Inga McVicar said...

I had heard of it, but couldn't tell you what it was. I don't think I've ever eaten it, but I tend to eat first and ask questions later!

So does sound like an ad hoc regional thing.

Sounds good, judging from your reaction to it. We have our yearly half pig (and half cow) in the freezer, so maybe that's something we could try next.

Though I do remember last year we marinated the pork in something or other for days, then cook for days. is that the same idea?

Spot the non-cook ...

caroline_venezia said...

Ah, right. Mm, half a pig :-)

My cooking never got that far either - when I was a kid, brawn came sliced to order from the local wee shop. It's eaten as a cold meat, thinly sliced, & looks like miscellaneous bits of meat in jelly. Not doing a very good job of making it sound nice, am I? And i suppose it may be one of those things I remember fondly but wouldn't like now!

Inga McVicar said...

Aye, like liver. Used to adore it. Wouldn't even think of buying it now.