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Valentine’s Day 2013: Thurs 14.02.13 #thearchers

The Archers Thursday 14th February 2013
  • Tiger and Pusscat love each other
  • Tom really told Pip what’s what
  • The bank wants to meet Tom again
  • Jennifer’s decorating the dining room
  • Lent
  • Tom on about starting a family again
  • Bunty Hebden: death by sofa
  • Rhys and Fallon move up a step

Tiger and Pusscat love each other

Matt and Lilian are at their spa day.

[Lilian] “This place is gorgeous, Matt.”

Though Matt isn’t a fan of spas, he’s certainly making the effort to have a nice day with Lilian. Even if he doesn’t understand exactly what it’s all about.

[Matt] “Mud chamber, what on earth’s that?”

Lilian explains that they put different types of mud on different parts of your body.

[Matt] “Naturally, you couldn’t just dig it up from the cabbage patch.”

And then the chamber gets hotter, to dry off the mid.

[Lilian] “Draws out all the toxins.”

[Matt] “Along with your will to live!”

After which, you take a long shower to wash the mud off.

[Matt] “And a long hard look at yourself.”

Matt’s just jesting. He even joked that he’ll have a pedicure, as long as he can keep his socks on …

They later relax in the sauna, after Matt had a massage.

[Matt] “That young Benny really knows his stuff.”

(I wouldn’t have thought Matt would have been happy being massaged by a man, but just shows what I know about Matt! Though he did say something odd to Lilian checking that the masseuse was called Benny – not something more French sounding – to which matt replied “They all look alike to me.” Eh? Masseuses? Blokes?)

Lilian suggested Matt go off and check his emails, but he insisted it could wait. Was Lilian trying to get space to call Paul?

After their spa, Matt was more than ready for his large whisky and dinner  at Grey Gables.

[Lilian] “Matt, I just wanted to say, everything that you’ve done today, well, recently, I really do appreciate it. You’ve been really thoughtful.”

[Matt] “Yeah, life and stuff, it can get in the way sometimes … I do love you Pusscat.”

[Lilian] “I know. I love you, too.”

Sounds like she meant it.

Tom really told Pip what’s what

Brenda and Tom are talking about Pip leaving for Amsterdam, instead of doing her milking shift.

[Brenda] “Where does she get off just announcing something like that?”

[Tom] “I told her it was really inconvenient.”

Blimey Tom.

That’s harsh … (!).

The bank wants to meet Tom again

Seems they like his business plan.

Jennifer’s decorating the dining room

Jennifer decorating seems to scare everyone else around her.


I’d forgotten non one had mentioned Lent in Ambridge. Normally Alan and co have many plans afoot.

But, we can trust on Shula to remind us.

She was feeling a tad guilty to be having her Valentine’s meal at Grey Gables (with Alistair, of course). Thus year, Valentine’s falls in Lent.

[Matt] “Never seen the point in all that, lent, denial, that sort of stuff. There’s enough people out  there trying to stop you getting what you deserve, why do it to yourself. If you want something get in there … grab it with both hands.”

Lilian sounded a tad quiet when Matt said that … was she thinking she should grab Paul?

Tom on about starting a family again

Tom was charged with cooking the (seemingly ever hungry) Brenda a nice Valentine’s meal at home.

He joked about frying sausages (not funny, Tom), but had actually planned to make tuna steak in a lemon and butter sauce.

They’d been at Mike and Vicky’s before dinner, and both Brenda and Tom has noticed how much Mike adores Bethany. Even looking at her when he’s not holding her, to the point he didn’t even glance at Tom while they were talking.

[Brenda] “Well, most people start to glaze over after the first hour  …”

Tom then started waffling on about how having a baby makes a couple united. Complete.

[Tom] “It’s basic biologically, isn’t it?”

[Brenda] “It’s wonderful.”

It might not be long until Tom gets his way, starts a family with Brenda and gets her down the aisle. Though I’m far from convinced that Brenda is convinced Tom’s her dream man.

Actually … could there be a reason Brenda is always so hungry?!?

Bunty Hebden: death by sofa

Shula was very upset to be told, halfway through her Valentine’s meal, that Bunty has passed away.

Seems she and Reg were sat in the sofa:

[Shula] “He dozed off, when he woke up, he thought she was sleeping too … We were planning her birthday party, she’ll never see it now.”

Though Bunty did make it to 91:

[Matt] “That’s a good life for anyone.”

Shula’s now worried for Reg. He was with Bunty for over 60 years.

I’d be more worried about the sheer volume of sofa and armchair related deaths of Ambridge residents and their families.

Rhys and Fallon move up a step

I’d earlier thought that Rhys didn’t sound too bothered that he has to work at The Bull, and Fallon at Jaxx, on Valentine’s night.

But, I was wrong.

Fallon’s cashing up when Rhys appears. He’s finished work, and travelled over just to see her.


And he’s brought flowers, in addition to the card he sent her. Though it was anonymous:

[Fallon] “Someone with you handwriting did.”

[Rhys] “I’ll kill him!”

AND he’s also bought her earrings.

AND he has a special question for Fallon:

[Rhys] “I’d like to think that we’ve got a future. And I hope you feel the same way … how would you feel about maybe moving in with me.”

Though he offers her time to think about it:

[Fallon] “No.”

[Rhys, stunned] “Well we can go on as we are …”

[Fallon] “I don’t need time to think about it. I’d love to live with you.”

Aw (again)!

But, poor Jazzer …

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