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Lilian and Jennifer have words: Tues 19.02.13 #thearchers

The Archers Tuesday 19th February 2013
  • One of Neil’s weaners has a scratch
  • Pat and Tony are having a grand holiday
  • A fraught dinner at Matt and Lilian’s
  • A mother always knows
  • Tom to abandon organic?
  • Laughing at Susan
  • Lilian to become penniless?

One of Neil’s weaners has a scratch

Neil’s delivering a batch of weaners to Tom.

When Tom checks them over, he finds one of them has a scratch. Which Neil is mortified about to the point where he offers a discount. Seems there must have been a bit of “agry bargy” between the weaners in the way over to Tom’s.

Neil is such a perfectionist.

He cares for his livestock, but I suppose years of Susan will also do that to you!

Pat and Tony are having a grand holiday

According to Tom.

The weather is good. They’ve been to nice gardens. Enjoyed walks. Had nice meals. And have been dolphin walking.


A fraught dinner at Matt and Lilian’s

Jennifer and Brian are due at the Dower house, but Brian’s washing down the quad bikes. But Brian is insistent it’ll not be a problem. He knows how to take a shower.

[Brian] “I’m not going to turn up at the Dower House like a greased monkey.”

As usual, Brian doesn’t want to go to dinner with Matt and Lilian.

[Brian] “Matt’s angling for something. He always is when they invite us at short notice.”

[Jennifer] “I’m no keener to go than you are!”

Over at the Dower House, Matt’s trying to hint down a special bottle of cognac he’d bought in New York. Lilian’s wondering what he wants that for:

[Matt] “To balance on me nose if conversation dries up!”

Lilian’s just surprised he wants to share the good stuff with Brian.

(blimey – one half doesn’t want to go, the other doesn’t seem to want to share. Why bother?)

A mother always knows

Jennifer has already spotted that all’s not perfect between Chris and Alice. Seems she noticed “an atmosphere” when she called round last night.

Tom to abandon organic?

Seems Tom is having problems getting enough supply of pork for his ready meals.

Neil can’t supply to that level. And other local suppliers will charge a premium, as they could be selling theirs direct, or have other deals already in place.

Getting a supplier from further afield would cost a fortune in transport costs.

Tom’s frustrated as there are plenty of other suppliers who have outdoor pigs with high welfare standards. They’re just not organic.

Neil’s shocked:

[Neil] “But then your meals wouldn’t be organic … oh, are you sure that’s a good idea … Take organic out of the quotation, you put all that at risk. Apart from anything else, you’d have to slash your prices.”

Tom reckons he’s only pondering. And he says he’ll need to talk it through with Pat and Tony first.

At least he is going to talk about it. Though I can’t imagine neither Pat nor Tony will be happy.

Laughing at Susan

Which I know is mean of folks to do, but Susan makes it so easy!

Jennifer and Lilian are talking about Susan’s reaction to Chris being featured in Borchester Life.

[Jennifer] “The way she was talking, you’d think he was in Debrett's or Who’s Who!”

But Lilian reckons Chris himself comes across very well.

[Lilian] “Not to full of himself, but he knows his own worth.”

Lilian to become penniless?

That’s certainly what Jennifer seems to think …

Matt and Lilian’s bid for the papermill project had been accepted.

They’re over the moon, but Jennifer is still worried that it’s too big a project, at the wrong time for trying to sell luxury flats. Brian concurs.

Brian also thinks the papermill is in the wrong location. Gilbert Cross isn’t known for being a place of natural beauty. Though Lilian points out it’s not in Gilbert Cross itself.

[Brian] “The further away from the rest of the urban decay the better.”

[Lilian] “Gilbert cross is a regeneration area, Brian.”

Matt reckons Brian is just jealous.

[Matt] “He’s only coming to turn with his loss, seeing all his profits go begging.”

[Jennifer] “I think Borchester Land were quite right to be cautious.”

[Lilian] “As if you’d know, Jenny!”


On that note, Brian and Matt head off for a cigar and a blokey type gossip. Leaving the woman to continue their cattiness.

To be fair on Jennifer, she is genuinely concerned for Lilian. Especially since Matt will be de facto in charge.

[Jennifer] “You have to admit he’s not the best under pressure.”

[Lilian] “Matt is a very intelligent and able man … so don’t start sneering at him or putting him down again!”

Ah – Lilian also mentioned that this project would mean Matt is back on his own two feet, financially.

Is that her plan?

Do this project, then leave Matt?

[Lilian] “Thank you very much Jennifer, but I promise, there’s no need to worry about me. I know exactly what I'm doing .”


Could this all go horribly wrong for Lilian?

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