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Elizabeth has to sell the family silver: Mon 11.02.13 #thearchers

The Archers Monday 11th February 2013
  • Car boot sale at Lower Loxley
  • Matt will never be great pals with Paul
  • Matt plays a blinder
  • Maurice doesn’t enjoy Valentine’s Day
  • Of course Peggy is interested in Tom’s business!
  • Lilian wants to walk
  • Peggy senses a great grandchild
  • Peggy finally ‘gets’ Bethany

Car boot sale at Lower Loxley

And this time it’ll be Lower Loxley doing the selling.

Elizabeth was talking to Lewis about having to find £300,000 to join the bank’s money, in order to redevelop the diary into wedding accommodation.

[Elizabeth] “I certainly haven’t got it down the back of the sofa … but I’ve got no choice.”

Lewis wonders whether Elizabeth wants insider trader knowledge from him (I thought he’d been an architect?).

[Elizabeth] “If only I had an inside to trade!”

Elizabeth’s plan is to sell “ a few things”. And she wants Lewis’ help to identify what should go.

[Elizabeth] “I don’t want to lose any of the family portraits, even the ugly ones.”

But, paintings which have no meaning now, or relevance to Lower Loxley as it is now, can go.

Lewis also reminds Elizabeth that she will need to get the trustees approval before she sells anything.

[Lewis] “You know how resistant can be when there’s a whiff of selling off the family silver, and on this case, that’s literally what you’re proposing.”

On the list so far is a painting of the Lakes. A set of duelling pistols. And the “last bits” of Julia’s jewellery.

Elizabeth wants to check Lewis would be okay with that:

[Lewis] “It’s really not for me to say.”


Lewis really doesn’t count in the Pargetter scheme of things.

Matt will never be great pals with Paul

Lilian had been shocked to see Ed and Will shaking hands at Will’s birthday.

Matt’s more perplexed why anyone should think they should be friends.

[Matt] “I’ve never understood why people think siblings should get on … just because they share a parent or too doesn’t make them great mates.”


I suppose that’s another reason why Matt and Paul will never be bessie pals.

Matt plays a blinder

Matt’s organised a Valentine’s day so perfect that he can’t keep it secret from Lilian.

He’s booked them both in for a spa day. The surprise being that Matt’s not exactly a spa type of chap.

But, Lilian is most definitely a spa type of lady.

So, he also wants to go to share in her pleasure.

[Matt] “Being pampered, having hot rocks thrown at you.”

Well, Matt has a lot to learn about spa days, but his extra thoughtful effort wasn’t lost on Lilian.


Is Matt just keeping Lilian sweet so that the old papermill deal can go ahead?

They later on had a very good meeting about it, and seems all is going to go ahead.

[Matt] “It’s getting back to the big time, innit?”

Maybe Matt is just (still) after Lilian for her rather large purse.

Maurice doesn’t enjoy Valentine’s Day

[Tom] “He gave me an unexpurgated history of all the terrible Valentine’s days he’s had to endure … makes me realise how lucky I am.”

I really do suspect Tom won’t feel very lucky for much longer. I really don’t think he’s noticed that Brenda isn’t really that enthusiastic about him at the moment.

Of course Peggy is interested in Tom’s business!

Peggy and Tom are having one of their “little chats”, over tea, Jennifer’s lemon drizzle cake and scones.

Peggy is especially keen to hear about how Tom’s business is going.

Well, of course she his. Has Tom (and Peggy) forgotten that Peggy gave Tom the money to be able to drop Brian as his business partner?

Anyhoo, Tom’s slightly put out that Brenda doesn’t seem to be interested in his business.

[Tom] “Right now, all she wants to talk about is Bethany.”

How very dare she!

Lilian wants to walk

Good lord!

As she and Matt were driving back from their meeting, Lilian got a text. Then asked to be dropped at Peggy’s. From which she would walk back.


Lilian really is bad at this lying malarkey.

Of course, she just wanted peace to call Paul.

Peggy senses a great grandchild

Peggy was delighted to hear that Brenda is so taken with Bethany.

She thinks it means Brenda is (finally!) interested in babies.

[Peggy] “The time comes when, well sometimes the penny drops.”

I somehow doubt it.

Or, will Brenda do the do with Tom just to get her own Bethany?

Peggy finally ‘gets’ Bethany

[Peggy] “Despite her problems, she seems to bringing to a lot of people a great deal of joy.”

Well, still not the best reaction, but it’s an improvement!

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