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Canada, Llamas and chipped skirting boards: Sun 24.02.13 #thearchers

The Archers Sunday 24th February 2013
  • Why can’t Alice be happy with her lot?
  • Is Wolfgang missed?
  • Lynda’s being outrageously blinkered
  • Brian chipped the skirting board
  • What did Neil nearly sit on?
  • Susan’s crying, Brian’s gung-ho

Why can’t Alice be happy with her lot?

[Susan] “Where’s this Canada come from? … I don’t see what’s so complicated … we all get fed up sometimes, that’s life.”

[Neil] “If it’s a case of the grass being greener …”

[Susan] “She’ll just have to wait for her turn.”

[Chris] “He treats her like the office tea girl, it’s not fair … she’s cleverer than all of them put together, why should she have to wait?”

[Neil] “I don’t understand why she can’t be satisfied by what she’s got.”

Neil does have a point. She owns her home outright. At least has a job. In fact, they’re both working.

Chris seems to want to defend Alice today, rather than be angry with her. He reckons she’s not happy because her lot is not as much as other who graduated alongside her.

[Neil] “It’s not use comparing yourself to those who are better off. No wonder she’s not satisfied.”

So, Susan reckons Alice needs to find opportunities around her rather than in Canada. And that Alice needs to be more assertive with her boss – stand up to him, even go to his boss.

Then Susan starts grasping straws:

[Susan] “Maybe it’s just a phase and things will settle down.”

Or, maybe not.

Which is more likely.

[Chris] “I don’t think so. I just don’t know what I’m going to do.”

Is Wolfgang missed?

[Lynda] “Do you think she’s forgotten Wolfgang by now … she doesn’t seem to be looking for him anymore … she’s definitely more settled.”

Animals are so fickle

Lynda’s being outrageously blinkered

Typical behaviour, you may think.

But she’s beyond the pale this time.

Robert was asking her whether she’s ready to tell David and Ruth that Wolfgang might have had TB. As Lynda keeps her llamas on land next to Brookfield’s land, David and Ruth really should be told.

[Robert] “It’s best to look the problem squarely in the eye.”

[Lynda] “I promise I’ll make a decision today.”

Later on, Lynda has made her decision.

She’s not going to say anything until they have confirmation that Wolfgang had TB.

[Lynda] “Why worry David needlessly …”

So while they wait for the test results, Lynda is going to protect David and Ruth without them even knowing it. She reckons she’s going to do everything that David would made them do, expect:

[Lynda] “Short of the most drastic …”

That means not killing her llamas. Instead, moving them away from Brookfield land, put electric fences up and also pen them at night.

[Robert] “And that’s it?”

[Lynda] “Yes, that’s it.”

[Robert] “I suppose it will do. For now.”

Well, not it won’t.

What on earth is Lynda thinking?!?

Brian chipped the skirting board

Jennifer is not amused when she spots that one of the (home) officer’s skirting boards have been chipped.

She immediately blames Ruairi for the damage. Him, and his remote controlled car. Which Jennifer has told him not to play with inside.

Brian steps in to take the blame – it was Ruairi's car, but Brian had been racing him.

Jennifer’s all a fluster.

They’ll now have to redecorate the office, as well as and hall and the dining room. AND she and Patsy will then have to do a through spring clean.

In fact, Jennifer starts stripping down the curtains there and then.

Brian’s not a daft man:

[Brian] “I know why you’re suddenly going into overdrive … you know we can’t stop Alice.”

Brian reckons if Alice has her heart set on going, she’ll do so. Regardless of what he or Jennifer have to say.

[Brian] “Surely it’s better to be on good terms with a daughter on another continent, than on bad terms with a daughter on your doorstep.”

What did Neil nearly sit on?

[Neil] “Number four. I nearly sat on it.”

Poor wee pig.

Susan’s crying, Brian’s gung-ho

Susan’s crying over Chris. She’s terrified he’ll go to Canada with Alice.

She and Neil won’t be able to afford the flights to go and see them.

[Susan] “It’s alright for the Aldridge’s they could go anytime they want. It won’t bother them as much, they’re used to their children living abroad …I can’t imagine not being able to see Christopher whenever I want .. .what if they settle there, how will we get on when grandchildren along?”

[Neil] “It might all just be a flash in the pan … it’s not good getting worked up over what might never happen.”

On the other hand … Brian’s encouraging Alice to go. He reckons she’s “selling herself short” staying put.

(didn’t Jennifer say that when Alice married Chris?)

[Brian] “I’m very glad you’re thinking big for once … and this is the perfect time to do it … If that’s what you want, my advice is to get out there and grand the opportunity with both hands.”

Alice is her father’s daughter.

Looks like Susan will have to start saving for flights, or Chris will be getting a divorce lawyer. If (and only if) Alice listens to Brian’s advice.


Unknown said...

I got the impression Alistair suggested Lynda Snell might want to tell Brookfield first, implying to me that they'll find out anyway, e.g. by some official `TB in your area' channel or their local vet telling them.

Inga McVicar said...

Ah, good point.

I'm just shocked Lynda's seeing no sense over this. I know David is infamous for putting down TB infected animals - but surely even Lynda can see that it's a whole family's income she's chancing?

caroline_venezia said...

Re Chris defending Alice to his parents - don't you think it sounds like he's just repeating what she's said to him, and trying to convince himself? After all, where would he have got "she’s cleverer than all of them put together" - it can only have come from Alice herself, can't it?

And later, re "Brian’s encouraging Alice to go. He reckons she’s “selling herself short” staying put.(didn’t Jennifer say that when Alice married Chris?)" I can't now remember what Jennifer's initial reaction was, but it was Brian who said they's just have to regard this a a "starter marriage", wasn't it? (How horrible!) So maybe he thinks this is Alice's chance to move on to better things? :-(

I really don't know how this is going to end up. Or Lilian's love triangle. How exciting!

Inga McVicar said...

yes - I thionk you're right that Chris often says what Alice has said (or would want him to say). Could do so so so much better!

Those Aldridge's are just a law unto themselves. Jennifer now seems rather keen on Chris, but Brian ... well, Brian's just Brian.