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Peggy ignores Bethany: Sun 03.02.13 #thearchers

The Archers Sunday 3rd February 2013
  • Omelette for Sunday lunch
  • Should Lilian be leaving Matt to the Gilbert Cross project?
  • There’s nowt in Mike and Vicky’s cupboard
  • Peggy talks weather rather than baby
  • Lilian and Paul to do a Brief Encounter
  • Calling any smokers …

Omelette for Sunday lunch

Lilian’s distracted.

She’s forgotten to take the frost out of the freezer, so suggests they could have omelette instead.

Matt quite rightly suggests they to go the Clubhouse (one assumes he means the Golf Club Clubhouse).

Matt even wants to invite Peggy along. (He really is trying his best at the moment).


For Sunday lunch.

Well, I never!

Should Lilian be leaving Matt to the Gilbert Cross project?

Seems Lilian and Matt are supposed to be at a daylong meeting on Thursday. It’s the first full-on one about the Gilbert cross project (the redevelopment of the old paper mill).

But, Lilian wants Matt to go to it solo.

Which surprises him. Lilian’s still not 100% sure they should be committing themselves to the project, and he thought they’d work on every step together.

But then again, Matt’s probably spotted that this could mean he could control the project. And happen to ‘forget’ to tell Lilian of any dodgy deals …

Why doesn’t Lilian want to be there?

She wants to meet Paul, of course.

There’s nowt in Mike and Vicky’s cupboard

It’s an all-round rubbish Sunday lunch day in Ambridge.

Mike and Vicky are having pasties and beans for tea. Seems they haven’t been able to get a “big shop” in since Bethany was born.

But, Roy and Hayley will make sure they don’t starve but shopping for them.


Peggy talks weather rather than baby

Peggy met Vicky and Bethany outside the village shop.

Peggy didn’t look into the pram. She didn’t ask Vicky how she was. She didn’t ask after Bethany.

Oh dear.

When Vicky gets back home, she’s in tears.

[Vicky] “I’m going to dread taking Bethany out of the house if that’s what we’ve got to face.”

[Mike] “Peggy’s a good person … some folks find it hard to deal with it.”

[Vicky] “I want everyone to feel about her like I do.”

[Mike] “They will, eventually. And if not, that’s their problem.”

When Peggy gets to lunch with Lilian and Matt:

[Peggy] “To tell the truth, I didn’t really know what to say to them … nothing … but after that, for the life of me, I couldn’t think what else to say … I felt so embarrassed. I can’t help it Lilian, I just feel it’s all such a pity.”

Lilian tells her Bethany is a blessing.

[Lilian] “They don’t need pity. They need support.”

[Peggy] “Oh dear, I hope I wasn’t rude, it wasn’t my intention to upset them.”

Lilian reckons both Vicky and Mike will need thick skin from hereon.

Peggy remembers a girl on her street, when she was growing up, who had down’s syndrome. Seems she had to go into an institution (well, that was what happened those days).

[Peggy] “I know Charles de Gaulle had a down’s daughter they had at home.”

[Lilian] “Mum, you make her sound like a pet!”

Lilian tells Peggy to try and act naturally.

Though Matt had the last say:

[Matt] “Oh poor kid … I meant having Vicky as a mum.”

Lilian and Paul to do a Brief Encounter

Lilian may have freed herself up to see Paul on Thursday. But, Paul can’t make it.

But, he reworks his schedule so that they can meet. But only briefly. At Cheltenham  train station.

Bizarrely, Lilian’s delighted.

[Lilian] “I feel like a teenager … do you need a platform ticket?”

Calling any smokers …

[Peggy] “I don’t know anyone who still smokes, apart from my daughter.”

Aye, they’re an ever decreasing sight.

Lilian can come round and have a smoke with me anytime.

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