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All ends well: Thurs 07.03.12 #ambridgeextra

Ambridge Extra Thursday 7th February 2012
  • Usha’s back
  • Alan confronts Michael
  • Back to the fold
  • Will Alan and Usha move?
  • Amy to move

Usha’s back

And the first thing she said when she got home:

[Usha] “Has Michael gone?”

No. He hasn’t.

Alan reckons he’s not been at home often, so hasn’t had a chance to tell Michael to go.

But before Usha turns her heel again, Alan admits that she was right. And that she should have listened.

[Usha, still angry] “Perhaps you should have.”

Aye. He should.

Alan confronts Michael


Alan asks Michael why he lied about going to a counsellor, when he was actually seeing Sadie.

[Michael] “Young attractive woman, abandoned by her husband, he must be having an affair …”

Michael reckons he would have been “drummed out” of the Church, and Sadie would have been labelled a “Scarlett woman”.

So why lie to Alan about it?

Michael won’t answer, and tries to start packing his case. Alan takes it, and won’t give it back.

Alan asks Michael about the missing money.

[Michael] “Look, she was broke, she couldn’t feed her kids.”

[Alan] “A priest stole his congregation’s collection!”

Worse still, by taking money when Alan was there, Michael put Alan’s position in jeopardy.

Alan actually starts shouting …

[Alan] “You were the kind of priest I wanted to be.”

[Michael] “Well, scales falling away, Alan … well now’s your chance to drop all that … I’ve had enough of it over the years.”

Seems Michael feels Alan asked too much of him, putting him on such a high pedestal. Seeing Michael as being instrumental in his “calling”.

[Michael] “You may as well know I’ve always resented it … You did that Alan, you, You and your god, between you … what did Princess Diana say, something about three people in a relationship makes it crowded?”

[Alan] “How dare you! How dare you be so facetious!”

[Michael] “Well well, hot headed fingers in his ears, Alan’s finally listening … You can deal with you God, your ministry and your faith without me in your ministry Alan, I want out.”

Then it sounded like Alan ran at and attacked Michael!

That calms them both down.

[Michael] “Well, you didn’t hit me Alan.”

[Alan] “Well, I wanted to.”

[Michael] “And I think I would have deserved it … I needed money from the collection plate, I lied to my best friend … and I’ve come between you and your wife.”

Alan reckons he caused the rift with Usha himself.

Michael then admitted that he didn’t want to tell Alan the truth.

[Michael] “I needed someone to think well of me … I never kissed Sadie Walsh …”

[Alan] “You’ve made human mistakes.”

[Michael] “I’ve failed as a priest … I can’t pray. I haven’t prayed in private since she left … 1 year, six months three days and this morning … Alan, what am I going to do?”

[Alan] “What are we both going to do?”


Bout time that happened.

Back to the fold

Alan took Michael to the cathedral, back to Arch Deacon rachel.

Rachel’s feeling a tad guilty.

[Rachel] “I dumped Michael on you because it was the easiest thing to do.”

[Alan] “He’s disorganised, he’s a bit chaotic … but he’s not corrupt. He’s gifted … I believe he just wanted to help her, when the Church hadn’t.”

Will Alan and Usha move?

Rachel mentioned the Cathedral job to Alan again.

When Alan takes Usha out to lunch, they’re full of apologies and home truths.

[Alan] “Thanks for patience,  generosity, perfection, for marrying me.”

[Usha] “Well, in sickness and in health, isn’t that what your lot say … in your way, you weren’t well.”

[Alan] “I looked over the precipice and it frightened me … a life without you, I couldn’t.”

[Usha] “Hey, none of that. Come here, vicar …”

When Alan asks whether Usha would be happy living at the Cathedral, she does sound quite keen.

The houses are beautiful. And it’s so peaceful:

[Usha] “We could almost be in the country.”

They’d certainly gave a less hectic life, with Alan actually having time off.

Alan makes it Usha’s choice.

[Usha] “Thank you, for making that offer. We chose to live in Ambridge, I move out of the city because I wanted the countryside, and look to your heart Alan, where is your ministry. But no more saying yes to everyone, and no more house guests … Houseguests are like fish, they stink after three days.”

For a horrible moment there I thought Alan and Usha might leave us.

But it’s fine. They’re in Ambridge to stay.

Amy to move

Amongst all of the shenanigans with Michael, Alan’s realised that Amy should move out.

[Alan] “She’s grown up. She’s impressive … she humbled me with her wisdom. Time she spread her wings.”

Usha tells Alan that what he missed was Amy saying that she is ready. She just needs to find the perfect place.

In Felpersham?

That may take some time.

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