Sunday, 13 January 2013

Lilian samples Watford: Sun 13.01.13 #thearchers

The Archers Sunday 13th January 2013
  • Lilian wakes up with Paul
  • What has Watford got to offer?
  • The arks are on the move again
  • Pat puts her foot down
  • Lilian can’t comprehend anonymity
  • Tom’s so full of himself
  • Lilian has the perfect Sunday

Lilian wakes up with Paul

Well, technically she was woken up by Paul. When he brought her breakfast in bed. In his bed. In his house.

He’s gone all out to impress.

[Lilian] “The lovely little posy, what a nice touch.”

Though Paul bemoans that he feels his house is a “little bleak”.

[Paul] “Needs a woman’s touch, I suppose.”

(was that a suggestion?)

What has Watford got to offer?

After Lilian has had her breakfast:

[Paul] “Then I can show you all that Watford has to offer.”

[Lilian] “Sounds intriguing!”

I must admit I often get mixed up between Watford and Walford.

(I know!)

And had a rather hideous stay in Watford for once, which involved a rather seedy hotel with a wedding going on until stupid o’ clock above my room.

But since then, I’ve been a few times as my partner’s brother live there. Though we’ve never been anywhere other than his house, then onto LEGOLAND

Anyone got any “intriguing” experiences of Watford?

The arks are on the move again

And on a Sunday.

Jazzer’s quite right to complain.

[Jazzer] “I’m in danger of missing my Sunday pint.”

Pat puts her foot down

Over coffee (just half a cup for Pat), Tony tells Pat that he wants to do some of the milking shifts again.

He feels fit enough. Wants to pull his weight. And:

[Tony] “I just feel I owe it to Tom.”

(eh? No need for guilt when it comes to Tom, Tony)

But, Pat’s not having it.

Though Tony feels better, she thinks he’ll soon go back downhill again if he has to get up for milking, and working too hard.

Tony really can’t put up much of an argument. When Pat’s made up her mind, there’s really no point.

Tony reckons Tom might be a problem. He’s already sort of promised him he would do more.

[Pat] “We’ll have to explain. He’ll understand.”

(really? Have they met Tom?!?)

Lilian can’t comprehend anonymity

When Paul takes Lilian out to lunch, Lilian’s still worried someone who knows them will come in.

Even though they’re in an urban area (with far more folks than probably the whole of Borchester), and Paul doesn’t know many people locally anyway as he works away so much.


Paul calms her down, and explains he’d just introduce her as a friend if anyone he does know happens by.

Lilian really is overthinking this.

Tom’s so full of himself

(I know we know that, but it always shocks me when he behaves badly)

Pat is very keen Tom stays for Sunday lunch.

He reckons he can’t. He’s got to buy Jazzer his Sunday pint. And is meant to have a working lunch with Brenda (to talk publicity).

Pat actually wanted to tell Tom that Tony wasn’t going to take on any milking.

Tom had spotted that they wanted to talk to him, but has got their motivations completely wrong:

[Tom] “Maybe dad’s decided he can start milking, and they want to start negotiation.”



That’s your mum and dad, ya great lump of a lad.

Really! Tom, you are (and will forever be) a silly, little wee man.

Lilian has the perfect Sunday

[Lilian] “An old movie, a box of chocolates and you.”

She and Paul also have a sing song – “There May be Trouble Ahead”, which should mean they were watching Follow the Fleet.

[Paul] “Fred and Ginger, eat your heart out.”

Back onto Lilian feeling a tad jumpy about them being seen together – she also says she can’t stay the night. Though Guernsey Joyce does exist, she thinks it’d be easy for her to be caught out trying to make too many lies.

Which is true enough.

[Paul] “I never want you to feel bad about what we’re doing.”

[Lilian] “Feel bad, about this?”

She claims she doesn’t. Every moment is precious.

So – how long before Paul asks Lilian to leave Matt and move in with him?


caroline_venezia said...

I haven't been to WAtford as far as I remember, but it does have a certain image doesn't it? But didn't I read there's now some sort of 'Harry Potter Experience' open there - I wonder if lots of tourists are accidentally staying there?

What is this about Jazzer's pint - does it seem to have become some sort of institution, do you think? Is there a rota for buying it?? (and maybe Tom was covering for Jim?)

Inga McVicar said...

Really? Harry Potter in Watford. That actually makes me want to go!

Aye, Jazzer never buys one for himself or for another. Poor boy has ladies to impress with his pittance from Miek and Tom!