Wednesday, 30 June 2010

29th June 2010

Jamie’s not doing much better, Kathy talks to Pat … Elizabeth comes clean to Ruth

  • No more secrets in the Archer clan
  • Jude’s described as …
  • “Talking just a big waste of time – can’t change anything”
  • Kenton doesn’t notice, Kathy shouldn’t have to tell him
  • Yes Kenton – a trip to NZ is just what Kathy and Jamie need

No more secrets in the Archer clan

Well, one side of it anyway. For now.

Elizabeth’s told Ruth about knowing Pip had missed that exam, and that Pip also asked for more hours at Lower Loxley.

Well Elizabeth, that really wasn’t that dramatic, was it?

Ruth was rightly annoyed that she hadn’t told them before, but I think she was a wee bit off in saying that Elizabeth should’ve come to her when David wouldn’t listen. It’s not exactly Elizabeth’s fault that David can be a tad touchy when it comes to his parenting skills.

Though I noticed Ruth’s now saying that they’re not going to give Pip any travel money, after saying they would the other day.

It’s a plan to try and stop her going, but I can’t imagine they’ll stick to it if she does go. A young women, other side of the world, no money and a plonker for a boyfriend. They’ll surely have to step in at some point?

Jude’s described as …



By Ruth.

Elizabeth on Pip:

“You could see the child and adult side by side”

Ruth on Pip

“No idea what letting herself in for”

So we have a irresponsible manchild with a woman who hasn’t yet left being a girl behind.

If I was Pip’s parents, I’d be worried sick too …

“Talking just a big waste of time – can’t change anything”

Aw. I feel so sorry for Jamie amongst all of this.

As awful as I think Sid was as a person, he was still Jamie’s dad.

How sad was Josh’s mention that Jamie would have to watch the football alone if he didn’t watch it at Brookfield?

Surely Kenton could spare 90 minutes.

Kenton doesn’t notice, Kathy shouldn’t have to tell him

As well as being Sid’s dad, it’s also worth hearing that Kathy saw him as a ‘rock’ to their family.

With him gone, and Kenton acting like he couldn’t give a hoot, there’s a big gap in her and Jamie’s life.

While I agree with Pat that a relationship has to be give and take both sides, I don’t think Kathy going along to Jaxx (for the first time since the refurbishment) will make that much difference.

Kathy sees Jaxx as one of the main problems in her relationship with Kenton – but surely it’s all about Kenton being so blind to her and Jamie?

Yes Kenton – a trip to NZ is just what Kathy and Jamie need


30th June 2010

The Archers: A cow gets hurt by a bottle … Eddie’s winning on the horses … Kevin Bacon … Kathy won’t go to Jaxx … some land might be bought … David shouts at Kenton … Ruth to invite Jude round

  • An Ambridge resident wouldn’t do that!
  • Eddie and Mystic Josie
  • I think she did say Kevin Bacon
  • Kathy’s starting to sound like Kenton
  • The Battle of Hastings?
  • Now that one wasn’t Kenton’s fault
  • An evening with Jude

An Ambridge resident wouldn’t do that!

I’ve never understood folks who think it preferable to chuck their litter out of their car than hold onto it until the next bin, but I’m assuming none of the Ambridge set would’ve chucked that bottle, which then hurt one of Brookfield’s cows.

Dramatic times …

Eddie and Mystic Josie

Good to hear Eddie’s getting a few more quid into his pockets, but what’s the scam?

Is it Eddie that’s going to be taken for a ride (for once)?

Yes – I think she did say Kevin Bacon

Possibly heard last week, but it did sound like Pip’s tutor is called Kevin Bacon.

Isn’t that taking the Six Degrees too far?

Kathy’s starting to sound like Kenton

I’m still firmly on Kathy’s ‘side’, but her excuses for not going to Jaxx are a tad tenuous.

I reckon it’s because Jaxx is now synonymous with all that’s wrong between Kathy and Kenton (as far as Kathy sees it).

And even though Kathy should be more supportive, it’s special circumstances at the moment.

With Jaxx so busy, isn’t it just a matter of time until Kenton decides a grumpy/demanding partner, and rather morose kid (though understandably so) are too much baggage? Surely he’ll be meeting lots more woman nowadays …

Or, will Kathy just get fed up of coping alone?

The Battle of Hastings?

So, as far as I understand it, Beth Saunders and Mr Duffy won’t be a problem – but Mr Hastings might not
“be motivated by money”

Yikes! I’m not sure Brian and Annabelle can cope with such a chap.

Still, with Brian already planning retail development as well as the mart, I think we can look forward to lots of wheeler dealing, leading to Lynda (who’ll hopefully be heard soon) mounting a campaign against the development, or possibly a Matt Crawford size spike in Borchester Land’s wheels.

Now that one wasn’t Kenton’s fault

Size ten’s getting in the way again, but David was a bit harsh on Kenton.

“Everybody thinks they can do a better job with Pip”

Yes, Elizabeth think she could – but I don’t think Kenton would have even been aware of the whole Jude/Travel hoo-ha.

And who is David to tell Kenton that he can’t talk about what, he reckons, was “the best thing he ever did”?

David needs to wind his neck in. What a very rude man.

An evening with Jude

I’d even choose an evening with Vicky over that!

Poor Ruth now seems to be clutching at straws, but at least some sort of plan is a plan.

David, Jude, Pip and Ruth all in one room … I’m not sure if my speakers will cope with all that screeching and shouting.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

28th June 2010

Business is booming at Lower Loxley … topical insert alert! …Brian and Annabelle hatch their plan … Elizabeth and Nigel v. David and Ruth?

  • Jelly people, Methodist ministers with karaoke and Paper plate men
  • Just how exciting can celery be?
  • Nigel sums up England’s 1-4 loss to Germany
  • Brian takes the easy approach with Alice
  • Nigel’s on a roll: now he sums up Jude
  • Who does own that strip of land?

Jelly people, Methodist ministers with karaoke and Paper plate men

Life is never dull at Lower Loxley …

Just how exciting can celery be?

Quite exciting indeed, if everyone’s reaction to Jill’s latest cookery demonstration is to go by.

Nigel sums up England’s 1-4 loss to Germany

“Quite dreadful”


Freddie is seemingly now a lost soul, and even Elizabeth (who said herself that she never watches football) knew about Lampard’s goal not being given.

Still, Nigel does have high hopes for the England cricketers.

But I am a bit surprised that there’s been little to no mention of Wimbledon (though there was a slight ‘I need to catch up with the tennis’ today).

Surely tennis is more of an Ambridge sport than football?

Brian takes the easy approach with Alice

Never mind whether Chris is suitable for Alice, Brian just wants them both out from under his kitchen table.

As he said himself, Brian’s far from being a relationship guru, but at least he’s letting Alice just get on with her own life.

But it does sound like Jennifer’s not exactly on-side.

More trouble to come? Jennifer and Susan – handbags at dawn?

Nigel’s on a roll: now he sums up Jude

“29 and still can’t finish college – not very impressive”

Spot on old chap!

And at least Nigel’s’ providing a bit of common sense for Elizabeth, not that she’ll take any notice if she does make her mind up to not “reject” Pip “as well”.

While I still don’t understand why Elizabeth feels the need to be so involved with Pip (don’t aunts just pick out the fun bits, leaving the real problems to the parents?), she does seem to be the only one who sees Pip’s side of it.

As Pip’s so smitten with Jude, the thought of him travelling by himself for a year is more than enough reason to give up College and join him. Quite simply, he wouldn’t come back still her boyfriend if he want alone.

So no A levels, big fallout with her parents and a desperate drive to make enough money to at least get to Europe. All utterly against any common sense which might have survived Pip’s hormonal tsunami.

Considering Elizabeth also sees David and Ruth’s point of view (that Jude isn’t exactly the most reliable of folks, yet Pip would badly need him to step-up if anything went awry), what should she do?

Refuse Pip more work so that she’s not seen to take sides?

Give Pip work, supporting Pip’s wishes, yet damning herself to David and Ruth?

Try and persuade Pip that this is all mere folly?

It’s all academic depending on whether David and Ruth do choose to fund Pip’s travelling, but this might just end up with a rather nasty stooshy between the Pargetter’s and the Archers.

My money’s on Nigel …

Who does own that strip of land?

So Annabelle and Brian need to find out who owns a strip of land, if they’re to pull off a big deal for Borchester Land.

Has Matt beat them to it? Was it the one he and Lilian were looking at a few weeks back?

Or is there a wee windfall about to fall into the lap of another Ambridge resident?

Monday, 28 June 2010

27th June 2010

Ruth’s worried about the fete’s beer tent … Eddie’s latest plan to make his fortune … Jude doesn’t sound all that pleased … Josh is quite literally taking up the reigns … David and Ruth might have to give way to Pip’s travel plans

  • Eddie has a ‘real’ clairvoyant in his ‘real’ campsite
  • If Jude thought that Pip was about to tell him she was pregnant …
  • “Miserable little weasel”

Eddie has a ‘real’ clairvoyant in his ‘real’ campsite

Oh dear Eddie. Can you not see what’s about to happen? I’m sure your clairvoyant does, and it’s not because she has any special powers.

Seemingly, she

“Senses a horse’s cosmic aura”

and proved it by picking a winner.

Eddie reckons he’ll be able to turn up to work at Brookfield in a roller, now that he’s being more spiritual.

I can foresee a scam, Joe and Eddie losing money and Clarrie in a fearsome mood …

If Jude thought that Pip was about to tell him she was pregnant …

… that means Pip has not only let the slimy manboy get especially intimate with her AND she’s been daft enough to not take proper precautions.

Could that lass be any more stupid?

First off she’s now believing that Jude did call or answer her texts because he was getting drunk with his uncle (he must surely have a few more ladies on the go, despite me being unable to see why any woman would fall for his nonsense),

and she really can’t see that he doesn’t really want her to travel with him. Despite having to ask him that he does really want her, she’s easily satisfied with a few grunts from Jude.

But wait – she’s given him another excuse to not let her tag along. If she can’t get into America without her parent’s permission before she’s 18 (or at least not be able to do it as easily), surely he’ll grab onto the opportunity to bang on about how dull and tedious Europe is, therefore desperately needing to go to America without delay?

Or, will David and Ruth actually make it all so much easier for Pip?

“Miserable little weasel”

Despite David’s best intentions to thwart Pip’s plans to go away with Jude, Ruth is the ever present voice of reason.

Ruth is terrified at the thought of Pip having no money, and therefore being utterly dependent on Jude.

So, while neither of them like the idea of having to “bank roll” Pip’s travels, they also can’t cope with the idea that Pip wouldn’t have her own money – especially if her and Jude spilt up while on the other side of the world.

It’s a shame they don’t realise how lukewarm Jude is to Pip. If they did know, they’d be able to actually work with him to stop Pip leaving her education. As it is, they’re actually going to help Pip do the exact opposite of what Jude (seemingly) wants her to do.

Just when Jude thinks he can escape, mum and dad step in.


Sunday, 27 June 2010

25th June 2010

Freda buckles under pressure … “Kenton needs cheering” … David critiques Jill’s new cookery demonstration video … Pat talks up Brenda … Pip quits

  • All that stress over a salsa verde?
  • “Kenton needs cheering”
  • “Once you get past that rather gauche exterior, she’s much less limited than you’d think”
  • What sort of work can Pip be doing that’ll pay for a trip to Australia or America after only a couple of weeks???

All that stress over a salsa verde?

Poor Freda.

Will she have a complete breakdown if Nathan Booth keeps up his jinks?

“Kenton needs cheering”

According to David.

Maybe he can cheer himself up by behaving like a half-decent human?

Pat was telling Lilian about how upset Kathy is, and that Jamie is glued to his video games.

As we all know, Jamie needs Kenton. Seemingly Kenton is the only one Jamie will open up to – but he’s simply just not there (physically as well as emotionally).
Lilian reckons it’s because of Kenton starting up a new business.

But, as it’s been said before, I reckon it’s just a matter of priorities.
Jaxx is more important than Kathy or Jamie.

But just how long will they be willing to put up with coming a very poor second best?

“Once you get past that rather gauche exterior, she’s much less limited than you’d think”


That’s a backhanded compliment if I ever heard one!

Lilian just can’t quite seem to rise to Pat’s utterly positive opinion of Brenda and her abilities.

“In an ideal world, we looked around a bit longer – seen who else was available”

Though as Pat was waxing lyrical, Lilian did mention that she’d no doubt that Brenda could

“manage basic office jobs”

How long before that gets back to Brenda? And just how vitriolic will Tom be about it?

What sort of work can Pip be doing that’ll pay for a trip to Australia or America after only a couple of weeks???

The mind does boggle and worry …

It was a long time coming, but Pip has quit College before David and Ruth even had a chance to persuade her otherwise. And she finally admits that she mucked up some of her exams (will that keep Elizabeth quiet now?)

As Ruth put it, Pip’s basically
“Giving up education for a long holiday”

And let’s face it, even if Pip had got rubbish grades at the end of College, as long as she passed overall, it’d never matter. Unless she was aiming for academia, all that she needs to show is that she managed to stick with it, get a qualification and learn some stuff.

Instead, she’s wasted the last year.

Though, did I hear Pip started to say ‘Jude’ as David and Josh do (along the lines of ‘Ruuuude’)? Is that the tone of dissent with the manboy?

Ah well. The best we can hope for is that both Pip and Jude goes away for a long while, with Pip then returning solo and a less whiny person.

Either way, the fund to pay for Jude to go (and stay gone) is swelling up nicely in an offshore account. Feel free to contribute at your leisure ;-)

Thursday, 24 June 2010

24th June 2010

Fallon’s back … Hurrah to more ‘learning about bees with Jill and Josh’ … Brenda is not match for Matt when it comes to negotiating

  • A swarm of bees in May is worth a load of hay; A swarm of bees in June is worth a silver spoon; A swarm of bees in July is not worth a fly.
  • Fallon returns, so Harry finds his voice
  • Tiger stalks and lands his first prey since prison
  • But can he get away with it?

A swarm of bees in May is worth a load of hay; A swarm of bees in June is worth a silver spoon; A swarm of bees in July is not worth a fly.

Seriously – I didn’t start listening to The Archers for the drama of it – I started because of these lovely wee moments.

I learn something (tonight, about queen substance), while listening to a lovely warm, summer scene.

Hurrah for the bees!

Fallon returns, so Harry finds his voice

Good to hear Fallon back and not entirely in pieces.

Though she didn’t sound sure about whether she and Jolene would carry on running The Bull.


But, never fear, as where Fallon treads, Harry will appear

Tiger stalks and lands his first prey since prison

I don’t suppose any of us would have put money on Brenda managing to get more out of Matt than he’d be happy to give.

Bless her for giving it a go – and an extra £1,000 is nothing to be sniffed at – but she did fall for all the usual pressure techniques.

It’s as if Matt simply threatened to take his ball home if she didn’t play nice.

And it worked.

Despite all her good reasoning – that her current job brings better links, could take her over the world and has a formal career path – she was obviously not going to turn Matt down.

Matt had a point that she’d be saving more by not having to travel plus rent a room, and that a ‘career’ with a large company could mean:
“Five more years, you’ll be on teaspoons”

So Brenda gets £19,000, and Matt gets … Brenda.

Actually – I think Brenda might have won that battle after all!

But can he get away with it?

So Matt’s told Brenda she’s an essential part of the business, but told Lilian that she’s nothing more than an office girl.

But Lilian was then rightly horrified that £19,000 is a lot for Brenda’s wages.

Just what is Matt up to?

According to Matt, Brenda is:

“Loyal .. [has a] little bit of nous and drive”

And that the
“whole essence is [of the business is ]teamwork”

Hmmm. Something doesn’t quite add up there.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

23rd June 2010

Alice sells more strawberries than Brian … Very groovy ‘topical insert’ about the World Cup … Kathy, Jamie and Fallon arrive home … Jude might go away

  • Defoe scored, Rooney hit the post
  • Kenton remains oblivious
  • Now don’t tease us. We’ll all put in a fiver for Jude to go travelling

Defoe scored, Rooney hit the post

I will fully admit that I was utterly delighted about the football chat tonight.

That was a very groovy moment, worthy of much Twittering.

Jolly good show, folks.

Kenton remains oblivious

Just when is the penny going to drop?

Kenton didn’t get it when they first found out when Sid had died

Still didn’t get it when he chose to put Jaxx above going to New Zealand with Kathy and Jamie

Give them a lift to the airport? Nope, Kenton didn’t work that one out

Call them on the day of Sid’s funeral? Don’t be daft, they should have been calling him about the re-opening of Jaxx

Be appropriate/tender/supportive (and on) when collecting them from the airport? Mais non – still didn’t get it.

And when Kathy made slight digs about the lack of people at the funeral and the lack of support she had – did Kenton even notice?

Did he Jaxx!!!

Jamie’s obviously in pieces after an “awful funeral”, and all Kenton can think to bang on about is the traffic and the football.

I know – that might just be his way, and he did sound nervous – but surely enough’s enough?

How come he doesn’t have a clue about his step-son’s life (forgetting that Jamie watched the football with Sid at The Bull), and can he not actually hear Kathy when she was talking?

And adding insult to injury, he then heads off to Jaxx when Kathy and Jamie have gone to bed.

You know what. I can accept that some folks just can’t cope with grief but, as I’ve said before, can Kenton not even muster enough empathy to realise that Kathy and Jamie just need him to be there?

Now don’t tease us. We’ll all put in a fiver for Jude to go travelling

There’s a surprise. Jude’s Head of Department doesn’t like him.

Chris also seemed to find Jude a bit of a dud:

“It’s like talking to a depressed undertaker”

I think Jude has missed the point about College. It’s a choice and a privilege, quite unlike a prison.

Can’t say I’m surprised to hear he’s going to quit. Isn’t that what weak-minded control freaks like him do when they don’t get their way?

But thrice hurrah! His plan is to go travelling. For a year. Which means that Pip couldn’t go with him, and she’d be bound to find a better young chap while he’s away.

Or, will she chuck her College in as well and head off with him? Would she manage to even make it past Borchester without David shooting the tyres off of Jude’s car???

Mind you, had to *snort* over Jude’s idea of ‘real travelling’. Seemingly Europe is too small minded, but it’s real in Australia.


22nd June 2010

Tom’s pigs get out … Jazzer is ‘that sort’ of Scot when it comes to the English football team … Kate’s one step closer to returning … Tom and Brenda are arguing (yet again)

  • Yet more classic Jazzer moments
  • An aside about Scots and the English football team
  • So it was Matt that split Tom and Brenda up last time

Yet more classic Jazzer moments

(on the sows escaping)
“[they could have been] sipping Pina Coladas on a beech somewhere”

“[they’ll have] false passports waiting in Penny Hassett"

(on football and Harry)
“I don’t know what bothers me most … wee English flags all over the place, or young Harry bouncing about like tiger … grinning like a bampot all the time… hand him a tambourine and he’d pass for Saly Army”
“It almost makes me want to paint my face blue and grab my sword”

(on Vicky)

“Don’t take too much notice of that one. Or you’ll be farming free range teddy bears next”

(on Brenda needing to urgently talk with Tom, which Jazzer reckoned must mean she’s pregnant)
“I don’t know what you’d be staring at Tom and looking so happy otherwise”

An aside about Scots and the English football team

I know Jazzer is a stereotypical Scot.

Dour, sarcastic, pessimistic and focused on booze (lots of it) and money (not to send it).

But, I really can’t abide that he’s also one of ‘those’ Scots who automatically hate the English football team.

There’s a lot of them about, so you’d be forgiven for thinking they’re more prevalent than they actually are – but some of us don’t use football as an excuse to be bigoted.

Jazzer didn’t take it too far, thankfully. But can I apologise on behalf of all my fellow Scots who are currently wearing the football strips of any and every team playing against England in the World Cup. The vast majority of them aren’t into football, and they must be pitied for having to carry such a huge chip on their shoulder.

So it was Matt that split Tom and Brenda up last time

Erm. No. You got that wrong Tom.

Wasn’t it you who split up with Brenda because she’d tried to help you out, yet you wouldn’t listen to the reasons?

Yes – Matt did have Brenda over a barrel, but it was you who decided to take the high moral ground and chuck Brenda when all she’d really done was use a bad situation for your benefit.

Mind you, I hate to say this, but Tom’s right about Matt promising the moon.

This isn’t going to be pretty …

21st June 2010

Brian’s on top form … Matt offers Brenda a job … Jennifer doesn’t approve of Chris

  • Amelia Amanda
  • Chris is “very pleasant”
  • Business Development Executive or Office Girl?

Amelia Amanda

Brian just couldn’t get Benedict Wheeler’s wife name right. Jennifer seemed to spend a lot of time kicking him under the table, or talking over him to avoid even more gaffs.

Of course, it’s not Brian’s fault that Benedict married someone with such a similar name to his ex-wife (!). And he can hardly be blamed for “thought balloons” somehow making their way from his head to his voice (!!).

Still, looks like he got exactly what he was looking for.

Question is, will Matt find out about the livestock market deal before Brian can get the contracts signed up?

With Jennifer manage to keep shtum?

Chris is “very pleasant”

… but he’s only a “boy from the village”

So Jennifer reckons that it’s obvious there’s no future for Alice and Chris?

She’d better ask them about that. It doesn’t seem to me like there’s any cracks in that relationship.

Isn’t it funny how a lass brought up in the local pub can develop airs and graces up and beyond her fellow villagers?

Business Development Executive or Office Girl?

Now there’s the Matt we all love (or loathe).

While he’s selling the job with him and Lillian to Brenda, it’s all about an executive position, crucial to the success of their company.

To Lilian, he claims it’s just photocopying and handling the post.

That he offered Brenda a job without talking to Lilian first is worrying (“sudden inspiration”), and suggestive that he doesn’t entirely see this new company as a 50/50 partnership.

That he wants to drag Brenda back into the fray is a taste of the troubles yet to come.

And then there's the whole history between Lilian and Brenda. That won't make for a happy working environment ...

Shame on you Matt. Some of us thought you’d actually changed.

20th June 2010

Pip cooks and cleans for a toneless Jude … Loves young dream (Alice & Chris) are back together … How to smoke a bee …

  • Jude “wasn’t being rude”, but …
  • The hunt’s on for Alice and Chris to have privacy
  • Smoking bees with Gran is indeed very cool

Jude “wasn’t being rude”, but …

Just as when someone says ‘I’m not racist, but …’, you know that what’s going to come next is exactly what they’re trying to pretend they’re not doing.

It’s so bloomin’ obvious to all of us – why doesn’t Pip see any of the rubbish that Jude keeps throwing at her?

She’s probably too busy trying to find a new bin bag to put it in. Not as if Jude cares.

So Jude now has work to do, and can’t “muck about”, unlike when Pip was being dull and boring for studying when Jude wanted to party.

Instead of taking the hint, Pip gets food in, cooks in, cleans the kitchen – only to be basically told to go away.

I suppose it’s easy to scoff at her mindless devotion – she’s so ‘in love’ with Jude that she’ll do anything to spend even just 5 more minutes with him.

Can we all foresee problems with their trip around Europe?

The hunt’s on for Alice and Chris to have privacy

And, quite sensibly, they’re going to go on holiday for a month.

An American road trip sounds grand – but where are these two getting the money? Isn’t Alice a student? And Chris a trainee farrier?

Or is Brian and Jennifer unwittingly bankrolling this trip?

Either way, with them unable to even ‘snog’ without one of their parents catching them, it sounds like a cunning plan.

And how nice to hear a young couple who really like each other, neither of whom is a complete idiot.

Pip could learn ‘relationships 101’ from them.

Smoking bees with Gran is indeed very cool

Now this is why I listen to The Archers.

I learnt something new, while listening into a lovely scene between gran and grandson.

I knew that smoking bees had something to do with them thinking there was a fire – but didn’t know that the smoke made them load up with honey, making them too heavy. I thought they just became drowsy. Actually, if I had thought about it, I’d have realised that being drowsy isn’t a great response to fire.

Wasn’t it nice to hear Josh getting so enthusiastic about something that Jill loves?

I’ve said it before, but I think he might be the next Brookfield farmer, rather than flighty wee Pip. Plenty of time, but he’s certainly interested and keen.

Also made me *snort* that Josh had picked up David’s way of saying Jude’s name.

All together now: Juuuude …

18th June 2010

Jaxx re-opens … Sid’s funeral … Helen’s has a six week scan … Jude and Pip plans their trip

  • I think they should have gone with the moose head wall feature
  • If Jude wasn’t ringing alarm bells before, surely now that he thinks Kenton is ‘a really cool guy’
  • Sid’s funeral sounded horrific
  • Who ate all the canapés? Helen did. Helen did. Helen ate all the canapés.
  • What did Kenton say about Helen’s skirt?
  • No Kenton. You supporting your partner and step-son through the death of his father is not, I repeat not, a ‘test’

I think they should have gone with the moose head wall feature

Actually – did Jim get any of his ideas past Kenton?

Not that it matters. Seems like Jaxx was a big hit with all and every.

If Jude wasn’t ringing alarm bells before, surely now that he thinks Kenton is ‘a really cool guy’

I think I’m now more frustrated that I can find any new way to express my frustration about Jude.

Well, not without my blog turning blue!

He did sound very keen about his trip with Pip (for which she’s working all hours).

Mind you, they do deserve each other – what with Pip thinking everyone in Spain will speak English, and Jude thinking that the Spanish name for hamburger we just, like, so, utterly, like, hilarious … pleb.

And just a word to Pip – I really don’t want to know how ‘different’ you will be once off David and Ruth’s radar. Too much information, especially when it involves Jude. You’ll only live to regret it.

While I’m at it:

“I’ll fit in with whatever you want”

Is (a) not a healthy way for one partner to act towards the other and (b) a disaster when said to Jude.

Why on earth are you being so compliant to such an utter idiot?

Sid’s funeral sounded horrific

You have to feel so sorry for Jolene, no matter what you thought about Sid.

At least she had her family with her when they cremated Sid in New Zealand, but it was such a horrible funeral.

Officiated by someone who’d never met him, only enough people to fill a couple of pews at the front, knowing that Sid had tonnes of friends who would have wanted to be there.

It’s a real shame.

I only hope things don’t get any worse for Jolene on her return …

Who ate all the canapés? Helen did. Helen did. Helen ate all the canapés.

So it took a baby to make Helen hungry.

That’s mean, as it’s actally really nice to hear Happy Helen rather than morbid/controlling/moping Helen.

What did Kenton say about Helen’s skirt?

“Love the ? skirt”

Any ideas?

No Kenton. You supporting your partner and step-son through the death of his father is not, I repeat not, a ‘test’

Kenton was really trying every and any justification for not going to New Zealand with Kathy and Jamie, or for driving them to the airport, or for not attending the party to send-off Sid

While he reckons he made the only choice he could make, I think he’s just got his priorities well and truly out of kilter.

Yes, it would have been annoying and difficult to have missed Jaxx’s re-opening, but surely any sane person would put their family first?

Or, does Kenton really just not care about Kathy and Jamie? Are they just becoming an inconvenience?

The cheek of the man complaining that Kathy hadn’t called him to wish him good luck on the opening of a bar he doesn’t even own, ON THE DAY OF SID’S FUNERAL.

Maybe it’s good that Jude thinks Kenton’s ‘cool’. They certainly have the same attitude to anything that isn’t directly about themselves …

Friday, 18 June 2010

17th June 2010

The Village Shop is getting to Susan … Caroline makes very good out of Camp Grundy … Farewell to Sid, Ambridge style

  • Jim is supposed to be Jill
  • Lured them away from the field like a pied piper
  • The Bull in its place
  • Eddie - You’re lucky Clarrie wasn’t in earshot
  • Last words for Sid

Jim is supposed to be Jill

Susan’s going to have an apoplexy soon.

Jim’s on a shift when Jill should be there – and what about those out-of-date fruit buns!

Eeek. It’s enough to make a woman like Susan really lose the plot.

But, methinks Susan forgets that:

“All those years of hard work, ruined by amateurs”

Is a load of rubbish.

Wasn’t Susan running the shop at a loss?!?

Still, I liked Jim’s retort:

“It’s the hollow reed that doesn’t snap”

Though he then let himself down with:

“oh whatever, as Dan would say”

Well beneath you, Mr Lloyd.

Lured them away from the field like a pied piper

Clarrie’s only response to Caroline’s usurpation of Eddie’s customers was that it served him, and Joe, right.

Seemingly Marcus Froggert (and chums) are having a grand old time at Grey Gables.

And Marcus once tried to woo Caroline by taking her on a date to an antiques fair.


The Bull in its place

It’s very easy to forget how central any pub is to a village – it’s less about drinking, more about people.

Tonight felt like it was more about The Bull than it was Sid.

Lilian’s ‘rosy glow’, all those who have part owned or worked there.

“There’s only ghosts behind this bar – people I’ve known and lost”

Which raises the question, just who might be Lording over The Bull next?

Eddie - You’re lucky Clarrie wasn’t in earshot

“We were all jealous – held a torch for Jolene for years. A man can dream …”

You’d have been right back into the bad books, wonderful speech or not!

And you may also have competition if you’re thinking of trying for Jolene now that Sid’s out of the way.

Wasn’t that Wayne spotted in the bar?

Last words for Sid:

“Sid was a popular man”

“Genial, courteous, congenial – diplomatic – Sid was all … and more”

“Great team manager

“Wonderful friend”

“Generous employer”

“Excellent host”

“Gentleman and friend”

Um. That’s not the way I’ll remember the randy wee bigoted tyrant, but I’ll be charitable and leave it to Eddie to have the final say:

“ Laughter is like music that lingers in the heart and when the melody is heard, the ills of life depart”

16th June 2010

Caroline’s kept awake all night by bikers, but turns it to her advantage … Bikers had a ‘barney’ … Brian wins round 1 with Matt

  • Bales to separate a fight?!?
  • Who’d expect Caroline to be so canny?
  • Why fruit pickers can’t have relationships
  • “Alright matt – struck any good deals lately?”

Bales to separate a fight?!?

Hmmm. Not sure that’d work all that well. Surely they’d just set fire to it and hurl bit at each other?

Anyway, Eddie and Joe may be taking their money-spinning too far.

Rival bikers, in one field, with temporary membership of the cider club was only ever going to end one way.

That’s a massive stereotype, but the proof was definitely in the fighting!

So Caroline and Oliver were kept awake all night when the ‘Borchester Burners’ met their rivals, and Eddie’s can’t understand where they’re all coming from considering Fat Paul only has 8 Facebook friends.


Who’d expect Caroline to be so canny?

Much to Eddie’s detriment, Caroline pulls a blinder and steals some of his customers away to Grey Cables.

Easy to forget that she’s not as drab as she might seem.

Why fruit pickers can’t have relationships

Because they fall for each other, then leave the job.

And, because Brian Aldridge has said so.

“Alright matt – struck any good deals lately?”

Oo-er Brian. That’s fighting talk, that is.

“could be quite interesting with Matt on the loose again”

Indeed. But aren’t you forgetting that Matt also has Lilian well and truly revved up for action?

That’s not a lady I’d like to mess with.

And is it just me, or is Matt warming Lilian up for a suggestion that Brenda should be working with them?

15th June 2010

Jill’s veal and ham pie … Ambridge finds itself host to bikers …Tom behaves ‘dishonourably’ to Vicky over the aforementioned veal and ham pie … The Village Shop gets a tad mixed up

  • Jill finds Tom a recipe, then drops him right in it
  • Tyre marks on the grass
  • A Guardian instead of a Telegraph
  • Brenda gets it tight from Vicky …
  • …then Tom’s a ‘little traitor’

Jill finds Tom a recipe, then drops him right in it

After being so helpful to Tom, will Jill rue the day that she got involved in the great Veal and Ham pie shenanigans?

It wasn’t her fault that she unwittingly let Vicky know what Tom was up to. But, with Tom’s demands for a pie to feed 20-25 people – will Jill, and her range, cope?

Better off out of it, methinks.

Tyre marks on the grass

Vicky’s a right one to talk. She’s not quite whiter than white when it comes to judging people by their appearances.

Mike and Jill are right that it can be hard to challenge someone about their behaviour these days (I hate saying it was ‘better in the old days’, but it’s absolutely true that you could stop someone doing something naughty, without being scared that you’ll end up six feet under).

But these bikers don’t exactly sound like Hell’s Angels.

Dropping crisp packets and making marks on the grass – isn’t that like your average group of school kids?!?

A Guardian instead of a Telegraph

Susan won’t be happy that Oliver got the wrong paper.

But just who gets the Guardian? I’d have pegged most Ambridge folks as either Telegraph and Times for broadsheets – The Sun for tabloid – and local for a gentle read.

But then again, the odd liberal attitude does sometimes find its way into the village.

More importantly – where’s all these shift swaps going to end?

Susan in a right shouty mood, I reckon.

Brenda gets it tight from Vicky …

Which she doesn’t need, especially when she has to get her own cappuccino.

Still, it’s a good strategy on Vicky’s part to go to the one person who Tom actually has to listen to!

…then Tom’s a ‘little traitor’

But does Tom actually give a hoot?

Despite all of Vicky’s please and administrations:
“Very disappointed”

“all my hard earned research”

“what a fool I’ve been”

“ dishonourable”


“industrial espionage”

“How am I going to tell the bull calves?”

Tom just came back with:

“things change”

“It’s a different product – mine will be organic”

Tom is right that this can just be the way business is done, but he’s an idiot for thinking he’ll get away with it.

In the first place, it isn’t good local business practise (local folks are fast to take sides), and he is also forgetting that Vicky could be his mother-in-law one day.

As much as Brenda dislikes Vicky, she’ll surely take the side of her dad – who will be right behind Vicky.

And just wait until Ed kills the bull calves for not being profitable.

Tom will wake up to find “bull cow murderer” sprayed on his burger van.

“It’s all gone horribly wrong”

It’ll get far, far worse before it’ll get better.

Monday, 14 June 2010

14th June 2010

That’s where the fire engine went … Matt’s nice to Brenda … Camp Grundy has a new plan … welcome to ‘Bruce the relief manager’ …Sid - not out of sight, out of mind

  • How clean was their cage?
  • I think I’d have preferred the Grundy’s Open Farm Sunday
  • Do we think Clarrie was embarrassed or murderous?
  • Has Brenda been taking ‘street talk’ lessons off of Jude?
  • Camp Grundy Plan B
  • Kenton’s only the boyfriend
  • The best shin dig The Bull’s ever seen

How clean was their cage?

Wasn’t that lovely hearing Eddie go all soft over his and Joe’s ferrets, Kim and Aggie.

They sound like happy, clean ferrets indeed.

“Give daddy a cuddle”

Aw – cute Eddie!

I think I’d have preferred the Grundy’s Open Farm Sunday

Arguments with punters – kids falling into compost - handbrake left off tractor – which then rolled into Clarrie's cake table - punters having to dive out the way – Barbarella (the sow) got spooked – took off and knocked over their only camper’s camping stove – who was luckily away for a piddle – tent goes on fire – Barbarella nearly becomes “smoky baking” – fire engine on the scene – and Clarrie “yet to see the funny side”

Or – a “squeaky clean” “wholesome family event” at the Archers?

Do we think Clarrie was embarrassed or murderous?

She warned them. She baked for them. Then they ran over her baking with a tractor.

I reckon Clarrie will definitely have murder in mind.

Has Brenda been taking ‘street talk’ lessons off of Jude?

“Must be a bummer”
“Whatever. I’ve moved on”

Hmmm. You must really ‘wow’ the clients with that grasped of the English language, PR guru lady!

Is Matt really being nice?

So, has Matt really changed, and is an all-round nice chap with a conscience?

As I heard him apologising to Brenda – I thought maybe.
But, then she made much lightness of Brenda’s belief that she’s more than a lackey

(“they really valued my input” *snort*)

And his interest in her was a bit suspicious.

What does Matt have in mind?

Camp Grundy Plan B

So Camp Grundy has gone from a rural retreat, to a biker’s meet

(see what I did there)

So Fat Paul’s biker mates are heading to Ambridge.
“It’s been put it onto the computer and everything”

Oh I hope Lynda gets her voice back soon. She’s not going to be a happy bunny …

Kenton’s only the boyfriend

So that’s why he didn’t drive them to the airport.


The best shin dig The Bull’s ever seen

From an initial Thursday night minute silence … to making some noise!

Sounds grand.

I just wonder who might reappear to toast Sid …

13th June 2010

Open Farm Sunday … Kathy sorts it out … Elizabeth still won’t leave it be

  • “This little tube. It don’t look much. But down it goes when lambs won’t suck.”
  • Oo-er – what’s gone on at the Grundy’s?
  • Kenton has a lot to learn from Kathy
  • And your point being what, Elizabeth?

“This little tube. It don’t look much. But down it goes when lambs won’t suck.”

Ah – the dulcet tones and rhymes of Bert. Bound to leave you better informed (though can offend some!).

Oo-er – what’s gone on at the Grundy’s?

It doesn’t sound good, whatever’s happened.

It would seem that the fire engine was on its way over (or was that a red herring?), but certainly the reports were that the Grundy’s Open Farm Sunday were in a bit of a “muddle”.

Still, David and Ruth’s clan seemed to fair well, with Pip returning to old form. For one day only?

Kenton has a lot to learn from Kathy

Kathy not only sorts out Fallon being able to fly to New Zealand, but also makes sure that the pub is covered.

See Kenton – that’s how you can support and think about other people.

Kathy’s in mourning, and also has to support poor Jamie, but still finds time to consider Fallon.

Funny that Kathy can do all of that, while you only seem to give a hoot about Jaxx.

And your point being what, Elizabeth?

Not content with trying to sort out the rift between Pip and her folks, Elizabeth seems to now be getting involved in Pip and Jude’s travel plans.

Why, oh why, oh why?

Is Nigel not doing his job as a husband properly (by getting the gorilla suit out on a regular basis)?

11th June 2010

… Sid’s funeral to take place in New Zealand … Jaxx is quite ‘abstract’ … Kenton still doesn’t get it

  • What about Jamie?
  • I’m a sophisticated professional and I feel at home here
  • “Sid wasn’t my family”

What about Jamie?

Maybe it’s Lucy’s influence, but does Jolene really think that having Sid’s funeral in New Zealand is right?

What about Jamie? Kathy? Fallon? Everyone else?!?

They can still have a memorial when Jolene returns for Sid’s ashes, but that’s probably not enough for most folks.

Still, it’s easy to make judgements on the actions of someone who’s just lost their partner.

I’m a sophisticated professional and I feel at home here

Hmmm. Or is Jaxx just “abstract”?

I’m just not convinced that the Kenton/Jim combo will have resulted in anything classy or akin to (what seems to be their plan) of a London City-boy trend spot.

Time will tell.

“Sid wasn’t my family”

I can accept that Kenton finds it hard to cope with emotions at the best of times. I can also accept that he’s still in mourning for his dad. I can even accept that some folks just can’t handle death or being able to provide support to others who have been bereaved.



Kenton’s being utterly rubbish!

I can see why he’s stressed about the timing, and feels he needs to be at Jaxx, but he surely can think before he speaks.

Kathy’s absolutely right in saying that the bar is more important to him. Can’t he see that Kathy and Jamie are having a horrific time, and badly need his support?

Or, does Kenton really just not care?

Friday, 11 June 2010

10th June 2010

  • When is a farm open day not a visit to Steptoe and son?
  • Seriously – watch out for Patrick!
  • Right not to tell Jack about Sid?
  • While Brenda’s away … Tom goes to his mum for his dinner

When is a farm open day not a visit to Steptoe and son?

When Clarrie gets involved.

Sounds like she’s managing her menfolk well enough, but how long before she ends up having to ‘clear up’ after them?

Will she have to pry Vicky and Joe apart when Vicky realises that her cut is only a percentage of the takings that Joe admits to (the main bulk of it being hidden under a cider barrel)?

Will their campers revolt after finding themselves stuck in the middle of an open day when they expected a quiet retreat?

Will Joe finally get caught by the Police selling alcohol without a licence?

Waiting with each anticipation …

Seriously – watch out for Patrick!

He keeps being mentioned, and is a regular visit to Bridge Farm.

Patrick’s now become my ‘next man for Helen’ about Greg from Wales, the Veg Man’s son and Harry.

Right not to tell Jack about Sid?

I think that Peggy and Lilian were right not to mention Sid’s death to Jack.

After all – what would it achieve? Does Jack even remember Sid?

While Brenda’s away … Tom goes to his mum for his dinner

Steady there Tom. You don’t want to have to readjust back to a normal, hum-drum life when Brenda returns to normal life.

Mind you, that should be ‘if’ Brenda returns …

Thursday, 10 June 2010

9th June 2010

  • Arse. Jude’s back
  • Matt’s foot in the pub?
  • Kenton. Stop it. Stop it now.
  • Map Sticks
  • Jazzer didn’t get them from the garage!
  • And on Sid …

Arse. Jude’s back

I really didn’t realise what a relief it was to have days sans Jude until he turned up again.
“All a bit biz at the moment”

You utter cretin.

While trying to get Pip to have ‘one more’ before the bar shuts, Jude was waxing lyrical about Ibiza.

Ibiza? Isn’t that, like, soooo late decade?

Still. That makes sense, considering Jude’s a man trying to be a teenage boy.

Pip. Please dump him. I don’t know how much more we can take …

Matt’s foot in the pub?

The more cynical listeners-in to Ambridge might see Matt’s attempts to help out at The Bull are just his way of worming into the setup now that Sid has departed us.

True? Or is this indeed the new caring, sharing Matt Crawford?

Kenton. Stop it. Stop it now.

Okay – so I can accept Kenton is handling Sid’s death in his own way. That means he must be coming across as insensitive because he really isn’t good at handling a personal crisis.

But, that really doesn’t excuse his eagerness to get Jamie out of the house and back to school, the day after his dad has died. Poor wee lamb ended up crying in the middle of a lesson.

And what about Kenton escaping to the pub to moan about Kathy’s ‘wallowing’?

Kenton reckons that Kathy shouldn’t be that upset, as it’s been many years since she spilt up with Sid.


What about all the time they did spend together? That they had a son together? That Sid was still a part of Kathy’s life? It’s not as if they split up and moved continents apart.

But, then there have also been signs that Kenton does ‘get it’. While he was in the middle of berating Kathy for ‘influencing’ Jamie to be grief-stricken (hmmm. I think Jamie can find his own feelings about this without Kathy’s help) – he did tell Kathy to give Jamie a big hug and tell him he was thinking of him.

Maybe that’s the problem? Kenton can only hug metaphorically?

Either way – get a grip Kenton and be a husband and a step-dad. You running away will only mean your family will end up running away from you.

Map Sticks

Pip’s getting back into the swing of being part of the family, and shall be at Open Farm Sunday.

Though she did explain it – I don’t entirely get the concept of Map Sticks …

Jazzer didn’t get them from the garage!

Good on you matey. Nice flowers, nice gesture, and (seemingly) meant without any romantic undertones.

Has Jazzer seen the light and realised he’d be better off being Fallon’s mate?

Or, more surprisingly, has he realised when it is and isn’t appropriate to put the squeeze on a lady?

And on Sid …

Here’s a reason ‘why’ from Tim Bentinck on Twitter (@timbentinck):

“In answer to kind questions about Alan Deveraux, he's decided to retire after over 30 years of being probably the best actor in the show.”

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

8th June 2010

Sid Perks...

... is dead

All the discussions that have been going on about Sid only making it back from New Zealand in a box seem a bit ghoulish now.

I really didn’t expect that to happen so quickly.

I can’t say that Sid was ever one of my favourite Ambridge residents, but he was certainly one of the more ‘interesting’ folks at times. He silence over recent months was highly suggestive of what has now happened.

I really feel for Jolene being out in new Zealand, and having to deal with the practical side of the post mortem and getting Sid’s body back home, all without Fallon and her friends.

Still, it was nice to see Caroline back behind the bar, and at least Fallon had everyone to help.

But what was Kenton up to? As he said to Jamie, he knows exactly how he feels. So why was he being so flippant about having a ‘kick around’, how this was a chance for them all to spend time together, that they could have Chinese … does he not realise that Jamie’s a young lad who is far from ready to cope with losing a parent?

And what on earth was he blundering on about when he said:

“What lovely weather … ironic isn’t it?”

Was that irony in an Alanis Morissette way?

Kathy should have let him get back to Jaxx. I thought he was doing more harm than good.

Now then - what about the Bull? Will Mat turn it into flats?

Will Harry choose mum over daughter?

What where on earth was Jazzer?!? Missed your moment, matey ...

NB: lots of rumours about whether Sid Perks' death has anything to do with Alan Devereux being ill, fallen out with the BBC etc etc. Nothing official that I can see, but if Alan is poorly, I hope a speedy recovery.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

7th June 2010

  • When is a Tricycle a Till?
  • Not good for reputation being seen with criminals … not ones that have been caught
  • Spam – adverts for things you probably don’t want

When is a Tricycle a Till?

Seemingly when Susan Carter finds fault with Sabrina Thwaite being in charge with the village shop.

Having mucked up the till, Sabrina seemingly abandoned her post to flounce to her next seaweed wrap.

Leaving Jim to explain the problems to a very angry Susan (she has a course to go to, don’t you know!) and then a fairly nonplussed Peggy.

Accussing Sabrina of “fluttering her eyelashes” to get Jim to sort the problems out, Susan reckoned that this was all destined to happen.

Still, it is a whole new way for Sabrina to create excitement. As Kenton put it, it’s normally her jogging which makes that happen …

And what was Jim’s point about the ‘”principle of the nonsecretor”?!?

Not good for reputation being seen with criminals … not ones that have been caught

Ah Brian – you’ll eat Matt’s food, drink his wine, but you’ll also happily rubbish him when he’s not in earshot.

But what can we expect when you and your colleague escape Susan’s ‘interesting’ chat about her course by telling her your off to see a Marquis? Snobs ahoy!

“Out of jail 5 minutes and already getting in our way”

That’s just the start of it, Mr Aldridge

Spam – adverts for things you probably don’t want

Bless Jill for not being able to switch on her computer.

But why did she have to keep it secret from Kenton?

Monday, 7 June 2010

6th June 2010

  • Has Matt changed, or will “they” goad him into old habits?
  • Josh or Pip?

Has Matt changed, or will “they” goad him into old habits?

I think Matt has changed a bit, or is at least trying to.

Giving up working on a Sunday to do something quality with Lilian –AND also re-checking that she does want to do what he’s suggested.

Shows that he’s at least thinking of Lilian.

But, his old temper and determination flares after a wee run-in with one of the club members (though why he was surprised at their reaction, goodness knows).

And that slaps him back on the tracks of trying to prove that he’s as good as – if not better – than the rest of ‘them’.

Does Matt really want to make a go of a fresh start with Lilian? Or, is he just using her money? Despite all best intentions, can we foresee a few shady deals taking place when Lilian has popped out to the shops …?

Josh or Pip?

I said this before – but it sounds like Pip might not be the heir apparent to Brookfield after all (also see 18th April 2010)

Josh is shaping up to be a proper asset to the farm – and he’s also actually interested.

Fast forward to when David and Ruth are ready to retire. Will it be Josh or Pip?

4th June 2010

  • At last, someone is utterly delighted for Helen
  • Now Kenton & Co. are off to NZ

At last, someone is utterly delighted for Helen

I thought it was lovely to hear Kirsty being so happy about Helen’s pregnancy

Kirsty thinks that Helen will make an ideal mum:

“Calm, loving and patient”

And can’t wait to get on with choosing names.

As Kirsty said, Helen’s happier than she’s ever been, seeming “at home” with herself. Maybe this will indeed herald a more child, happy Helen?

However, interesting that they were talking about whether Helen has actually ever got over Greg (yes or no?).

And Patrick also seemed to be back in the picture (well, for Pat).

Is Patrick going to be her ideal man at the wrong time?

Now Kenton & Co. are off to NZ

Oh dear. More and more ominous for Sid ever making it back alive …

Friday, 4 June 2010

3rd June 2010

  • Ebenezer Archer
  • Do it Pip
  • I’d go to see one pig and a few ferrets!

Ebenezer Archer

Joe Grundy wouldn’t be Joe Grundy if he wasn’t outraged at being charged for something.

I can see David’s point (that he’d be subsidising their profits if he didn’t charge), but have the suspicion that it’s more about not having to deal with the Grundy’s at Open Farm Sunday, rather than the cash.

Do it Pip

What on earth is wrong with Elizabeth?

Why all this interest in Pip?

And why should Pip have to tell her folks about missing an exam? Isn’t she old enough to be coping with her own mistakes? I think Pip is right that it’ll just make them more angry (though if that results on a new assault on Jude, that’s fine by me).

I know Elizabeth has had a checkered past, but this is all a bit too odd. Leave them be Elizabeth. They’ll manage to implode without your assistance.

Bless David for welling up when he was telling Pip that they have a lot of faith in her, and know she won’t let her down. Though, of course, that made it impossible for Pip to tell them about the missed exam.

Still, David and Ruth shouldn’t be putting that kind of pressure onto Pip. I think they shouldn’t be as involved in her College work as they are. She’s not a school kid anymore

(and as an aside – hurrah to the lack of Jude!)

I’d go to see one pig and a few ferrets!

The Grundy’s Open Farm Sunday sounds marvellous.

Especially if they do also have their compost, digger display and their mystery tour of their field.

Though why they think Tom’s sausages are foxy, I don’t know (or did I just hear that wrong?).

And also spare a thought for those campers who are expecting ‘peace and quiet’ but will get ‘fun and frolics for free’ (if Joe doesn’t get his way in charging them extra).

The war over Open Farm Sunday has begun …

2nd June 2010

  • Also an Edwardian gem – but with less cars
  • Lynda’s being funny
  • Helen’s in a good mood
  • Pat was right

Also an Edwardian gem – but with less cars

Brian and Jennifer are also interested in the same property that Matt and Lilian went to see yesterday.

They must’ve also gone at a time when the roads were less busy (far more quiet).

So shall commence a fresh new argument between Matt and Brian – with Lilian and Jennifer bound to fall out again.

Will Brian be sneaky enough to try and scupper Matt and Lilian through trying to show that Matt is the real ‘head’ of their business?

Lynda’s being funny

But we don’t get to hear it.

She can’t really think that the Grundy’s Campsite is any threat to her business?

Or is it just the principle of the thing?

Helen’s in a good mood


How long until the rest of Ambridge find out that she’s pregnant?

And what will the reaction be?

Pat was right

Admitting you were wrong, and Pat was right, must’ve really hurt, Brian.

Still. Good to see everyone is happy with the new Village Shop.

Now, what can Susan do wrong in her new job at Bridge Farm? Clarrie seemed to be a bit odd when showing her the ropes. Did she miss something crucial which will lead to Clarrie ruining the yoghurt?

The anticipation …

1st June 2010

  • “The Mother flaming Theresa Botham”
  • Being gay makes you tidy and a good cook
  • “You gave me quite enough help last night”
  • Ragged Trouser Philanthropist

“The Mother flaming Theresa Botham”

Hmmm. Nope. That one doesn’t work, Jazzer.

So the vicar fixed the Sticky Wicket for Harry. Not a likely one either Jazzer.

I am getting a tad irritated with Jazzer. You now know exactly what to expect when he opens his mouth. If it isn’t a rant about Harry, it isn’t Jazzer speaking.

How long can we expect this to go on for? Isn’t there a point when Harry just walks up to Jazzer and gives him a jolly good tap on the chin?

“Her imaginary love life is none of your business”

Quite right too Tom.

But is ‘Harry and Fallon’ always just going to be in Jazzer’s imagination?

Being gay makes you tidy and a good cook

So all’s well with Brenda sharing a flat with a bloke because he’s gay.

Did I miss Tom slipping back a few decades to pick up his archaic attitudes towards relationships?

Does he not realise that while Brenda’s flatmate isn’t a ‘threat’, there are other men in the city? And, that Brenda might actually leave the flat and go out of an evening?

I’ll forgive Tom nearly being a complete arse about being gay – but he really has to stop this nonsense over not trusting Brenda.

Or, is he just picking up on vibes that Brenda’s sending out? Remember the time she went on a girly razzle minus engagement ring???

“You gave me quite enough help last night”


Course, it was just Harry helping Fallon out in the Bull.

So far.

The Ragged Trouser Philanthropists

Nice mention of The Ragged Trouser Philanthropists by Robert Tressell (especially timely as I’d just finished reading it the other week!).

And love that all Lilian got from it was the often below par quality of Edwardian building.

You simply could expect our Lilian to take the abject poverty on board.

Oh no. Where Jennifer saw socialism, Lilian saw bad workmanship. Marvellous.