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Chris is in intensive care: Tues 05.03.12 #thearchers

The Archers Tuesday 5 March 2013
  • Has Shula been under a rock?
  • Non-EU dairymen and no 24/7 vet
  • Easter eggs, football and performance cars
  • Chris is in intensive care

Has Shula been under a rock?

She hadn’t heard about Alice going to Canada for a job interview.

So, of course, she doesn’t realise that all is not well between Alice and Chris over this fact.

She just assumes Alice would get it, they’d emigrate, and she’d be sorry to lose him as her farrier.

Has Shula got no mates in the village anymore?

Non-EU dairymen and no 24/7 vet

Brian was telling Alistair that the housing for the Super Dairy’s dairymen, Valley farm Apartments, is “very luxurious”.

When Alistair asks him if he’s hiring locally, Brian mentions that the agency they’re using gets most dairymen from outside of the EU.


Didn’t Brian promise more jobs for local people?

Brian also tells Alistair that they’re probably not going to have one vet, at the Super Dairy, right round the clock. They’re going to go for a form of vets so that they can get more than one opinion.

Didn’t Brian promise the cows would have 24/7 veterinary care?

Not that I should be surprise. This Super Dairy was never going to be anything other than a profitable con for Brian.

Easter eggs, football and performance cars

Jennifer’s in buying one Easter egg in a gold box, and another that looks like a racing car. My word … she is organised!

Darrell seems to be getting on with her decorating just grand. There’s just one problem:

[Jennifer] “He’s very cheerful and chirpy, but he’s used to chatting to other men while he works.”

Seems Jennifer can’t keep pace with chatter about footy and cars!

Chris is in intensive care

Hung-over and grumpy, Chris is at The Stables, shoeing horses.

He’s one more to do, and is sore that it turns out to be Windermere Star.

[Chris] “She looks pretty lit up already.”

Seems Windermere Star needs to be sedated to have work done on her, but Alastair isn’t around. So, Chris (in his weary state) decides to use his own, less powerful sedatives. And it would seem he didn’t give the sedatives enough time to take.

As Chris gets working, Freddie walks by. The horse takes fright.


[Freddie, terrified] “Is he dead?”

Shula goes to Chris, and tries getting him to stay awake while putting him into the recovery position. She has to badge Freddie to snap out of shock, get her mobile, and dial 999.

On the phone to 999:

[Shula] “He’s breathing, but he’s very badly hurt.”

Shula calls Susan. Chris was kicked in the chest.

[Shula] “They’re doing everything they can for him, but it is serious.”

And it is, judging by the fact Chris is being air lifted to Felpersham hospital.

Shula then calls Brian to try and get to Alice.

At the hospital:

[Susan] “He’s in a coma, isn’t he?”

[Neil] “They’ve sedated him Susan, so they could put him on the ventilator.”

Susan starts to blame himself. He’d been in the shop in the morning, buying headache pills, and looking very roper. She thinks she should have told him to take the day off.

When Neil goes outside to call Emma, she starts sobbing as well. But wants to show a brave face for Susan.

Chris has fluid on his lungs, broken ribs, one of which has detached, internal bruising and fluid in his abdomen.

[Neil] “He’s in a bad way.”

Freddie is away home in absolute shock, and Shula’s also feeling guilty, while crying. She thinks she should have told him to wait for Alistair.

[Shula] “All I can think of is the sickening thump when the hoofs hit his chest.”

When Brian and Jennifer finally get hold of Alice (her phone had been off during her interview), she goes into hysterics when she’s told about Chris.

[Brian] “You’ve got to be brave and strong darling. That’s what Chris needs you to do. We’ll find a way to get you home.”

Sounds potentially deadly serious …

So …

… Chris to die? Alice to emigrate?

Chris to survive, Alice to realise everything she needs is in Ambridge, and stays in Ambridge?

Chris to survive but very broken. So can’t work. Emigrates with Alice?

I really don’t want Chris to die. He’s a good ‘un.

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