Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Neil stops a dogfighting ring: Fri 19.04.13

Pondering The Archers Friday 19th April 2013
  • Neil’s been shot?
  • What’s Paul’s surprise?

Neil’s been shot?

Darrell calls Neil in a flap. The dogfight is tonight, not tomorrow.

As per, Darrell is panicking. He doesn’t want to go ahead with their plan (for Darrell to go to the dogfight, to make sure it goes ahead, Neil to call the Police, Darrell to run away before the Police arrive).

Neil encourages (i.e. makes) Darrell go ahead.

Neil than calls the Police to say he was walking in the woods, and says cars and dogs gathering. He also tells them a neighbour has gone up there to check (so gives Darrell a get-out if he isn’t fast enough to leave).

When Neil gets off the phone to the Police, Darrell calls to say he’s changed his mind again. But it’s too late.

(goodness … Darrell really is wet!)

When Neil leads the Police to the dogfight, he finds Darrell still there (*groan*), with his walkie talkie on (is that Darrell completely dense?). So, the bad guys almost get a head start on the Police as Darrell isn’t answering:

[Des] “Something’s up, we better get out of here …”

But, the Police nab most of them.

Apart from, it would seem, Des. Who manages to get to his car and drive away.

But not before Neil tries to get his number plate.

During which, a gunshot blasts out …

[Policeman] “Mr Cater. Are you alright? Mr Carter …”

Surely not Neil???

What’s Paul’s surprise?
Lilian’s back in bed with Paul.


He’s trying to get her to call Matt to tell him to stay away overnight at some do he’s at, so that she can stay the night with Paul (but obviously not to say the last bit to Matt). Paul wants to wake up with Lilian.

[Paul] “Go on. Ring him.”

Lilian does, but Matt doesn’t want to stay away. He’ll be back early hours.

[Paul] “That man. He causes a lot of trouble.”

(the nerve!)

[Paul] “I do make you happy, don’t I … it’s hard for me to be happy when I see how unhappy Matt makes you … it’s sweet the way you put such a brave face on it.”

Paul then gets Lilian to take a bath:

[Paul] “Take the radio with you. Be really decadent.”

And uses the alone time to call Celia:

[Paul] “Celia, at last, I was wondering when you’d have the courtesy to answer my calls.”

[Celia] “Well it’s the last time. The children told me they’d rung you.”

[Paul] “How dare you turn my own children against me … given them a script, haven’t you … it wasn't their idea, asking me to leave them alone … poisoning their minds against me.”

Celia hangs up.

When Lilian later gets out of the bath,Paul wants to spoil her even more. He has an idea:

[Paul] “This is something out of the ordinary.”

But, we don’t get to hear what he’s going to do.

Oh. My. Word.

He really is a nutter.

Paul is now starting to control Lilian, while trying to keep control of his ex and their kids. I’m worried what this surprise could be …

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